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Name: Mojo Madness Gildenquartett
URL: http://www.mojo-madness.de/quartett/
Platform: Web
Code: PHP, jQuery

Before I start: I already apologize for my missing English skills. However I hope you could find your way through my text...

It started with a small idea but I found more and more people being excited about the game I created. It's some sort of "Quartett" as we call it in Germany and I guess also outside...

Every character of your guild (or any guild you start the game with) is converted to a card with specific attributes. There are four fixed values (itemlevel, amount of pets, achievement points, honorable kills) and one of the secondary stats chosen randomly. By double-clicking a value the game starts a comparison and the higher one wins. The winner gets the loser's card and both are being put to the end of the deck.

It is still a very early version of the game with many bugs, known and unknown. But I think most people could already enjoy the game, so I decided to take the first step into publicity. A known "problem": the smart sentences from the AI are just placeholders in English for the moment...

So far. Enjoy the game and please provide any feedback you may have! Thanks.
Name: D3 Planner
URL: http://www.d3planner.com
Platform: Web
Code: Javascript/PHP (jQuery/no framework)

Now I'm wishing I used a framework instead of being lazy -_-
Name : SC2Stats
Platform : Web
Code : Pure PHP
URL: http://sc2stats.alq-team.com

This is the internal ranking for our Guild.

In the beginning the idea was just know who play better and we discovered that is a statistic analysis that should be made by some one with specific knowledgement.
So we resumed with a internal ranking, available in the guild's website.

It is already in developement a mobile (Android) version that should be available by free there in the GooglePlay. Any user can create your private team and follow the stats.
Name : BlizzFront
Platform : Web
Code : PHP, json, RSS, jQuery, responsive
URL: http://www.blizzfront.com

I was sick of having to zoom in on my phone to see the latest and greatest information from all of my favorite sources. So with that in mind, I made this portal that shows me the top news posts and information and then provides a link directly to the source.
Name: FotM
Platform: Web
Code: Scala, Play Framework
URL: http://fotm.info

Team PvP ladder with player/team history.
FightD3 for Diablo3:

Check D3 account,heroes and items. Fight with them
New update! Check blacksmith and jeweler crafting items!


Achievements for Wow:
See your completed or not wow achievements

I would like to showcase my work on a GuildCMS. Well all i can do and could do was try my best with the knowledge i had. I hope i can find some people to contibute to my project and help me out with my hobby :D

Name: AquaGuildZ
Platform: Web
Code: PHP
URL: http://natusinvictus.com/

Actually this whole thing started when my Guild asked to make a website but after a while they used one of those premades. I am hoping to make something cool, free, and easy to use. I am no professional, i just code and design with what i've learned so far. From tutorials and Guides.:D

Here is my github repo: https://github.com/ZorDesigns/AquaGuildZ

I hope you guys can help me out and ofcourse critize me so i learn from my mistakes. :)
Thanks alot!
Name: Hearthstone-API
Platform: Web
Code: JAVA
URL: https://github.com/iowa/hearthstone-api-backend

Small web application
using https://vaadin.com/home

I get data from http://hearthstoneapi.com/

I split it in 2 eclipse projects
The application downloads data from the API and fills up the database


You can use this to build your hearstone database and keep it up to date
with the http://hearthstoneapi.com/

Will be happy for some feedback, comment if you need any help deploying !

With a friend, we create a IOS / Android application to follow Starcraft 2 profiles.

Followers - for SC2.

"Follow your Starcraft 2's profile, your friends and those on your preferred players/casters on your smartphone and tablet.
Access to career, ladders and matches history informations.

Site been up for some time but:

Name: metagamerscore.com
URL: http://metagamerscore.com
Platform: Web
Code: Ruby on Rails, Ruby, JavaScript

MetaGamerScore collects users achievement data from different platforms and collates them into one big score. MetaGamerScore currently supports achievements from Steam, Xbox Live, Playstation Network, World of Warcraft, Starcraft II, Kongregate, theHunter, Final Fantasy XIV, Retroachievements, and few more.

I am solo developer for the project.
Name : GGCharity
Url: https://www.ggcharity.com
Platform : Web
Code : C# / ASP.NET / MVC / Azure

I'm hosting a charity pledge drive in StarCraft II from Nov 21st to Dec 5th. It's basically like a walk-a-thon but with StarCraft instead of all that silly walking :). Players sign up, pick a charity, and gather pledges from their friends and family. Then during the event, they just play StarCraft... each time a player wins a match online, they raise more money! Any mode works, as long as it's through Battle.net's matchmaking. We just went live a few hours ago, so feel free to check it out and sign up if you're interested in playing! I'm happy to take any and all feedback and bug reports.
Thanks guys to publish your awesome projects in this thread.

By the way, I updated mine (original post), I change lot of thing and Im currently working on a better version of my World of Warcraft tools.

If you want, I can create a list on the first page, ordered by games. Yep, I guess I'm gonna do that next days.

Keep up the good work,



Nevermind, I can't regroup all your projects guys. Too much text it gonna be unreadable.
Name: LFAGuild
URL: https://lfaguild.com
Platform: Web
Code: PHP Laravel 5.1, jQuery

A World of Warcraft (WoW) guild opportunities/recruitment website for guild seekers and recruiters. Fetches users' characters and guilds' data via the Battle.Net API to streamline the application process.

Developed this entirely on the AWS infrastructure to learn and familiarize myself with their products.

If you're a recruiter, do drop a recruitment post or share it if you think such a site will be useful =D
I usually spend too much time coding and not enough browsing the community, there are some very cool projects in here!

Name: Ask Mr. Robot
URL: http://www.askmrrobot.com
Platform: Web
Code: C#, Javascript, Lua

Our site has been around for several years, we use the character API extensively to load any WoW character and do advanced gear optimization, find best-in-slot sets, and find upgrades in general. We also do combat logging, have an in-game addon, and will be adding more stuff and doing a big redesign for Legion.

I've always been a big fan of the .NET platform, we're currently trying out the new asp.net 5 and mvc 6 stuff (still in beta, but it's a very big and interesting move for MS, going all open-source and cross-platform).
11/20/2015 10:05 AMPosted by Yellowfive
I usually spend too much time coding and not enough browsing the community, there are some very cool projects in here!

I know that feel :P
Happy to see you around!
I made a playstreak tool to help motivate players to play SC2 everyday

Name : Sc2 playstreak chart
URL : https://www.reddit.com/r/starcraft/comments/3upxwa/i_made_a_playstreak_tool/
Platform : Web
Tools : rails, reactjs

It's still a quick and crude PoC weekend project at this point. Will find time to add a bit of polish to it whenever i can.
Name: WarcraftLFG
URL: https://www.warcraftlfg.com
Platform: Web
Code: NodeJS, AngualrJS
Github: https://github.com/warcraftlfg/warcraft-lfg
Moreinfo : https://www.reddit.com/r/WarcraftLFG/comments/3vnzs0/introducing_warcraftlfg/

It's with great excitement that we unveil our new website to you. WarcraftLFG is a great opportunity for raiders and guilds alike to find their new pals (who don't have to be pals by the way, any class would do, we're not classist.)

WarcraftLFG is our answer at making it easier to find guild/guild mates. It provides a wide amount of information to help you decide on your next guild or to maintain a healthy raid roster.


Name: PVP Stats
URL: https://pvpstats.com
Platform: Web
Code: PHP

Website with a more relevant PvP ladder, tracking player ratings, and contains class and spec statistics.

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