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Been here a bit off and on. If you catch me at BlizzCon there's always a drink for you there.

Name : WoW Challenges
Platform : Web
Code : PHP + Foundation6 & WordPress

We were able to save the wowironman.com site and carried it to the next level by adding new challenges that are variations on the original. These are primarily leveling challenges using solo Ironman rules, however, we have some team-based ones in the works.

We get told all the time: "If it wasn't for your site, I'd be unsubbed." I still have much enjoyment in WoW but this always brings a smile to my face.

Now about that Feat of Strength... :-D
5 months ago I released my beta page called Advanced Guild Statistics - now it's been completely revamped - more efficient, faster, fancier.

Name : Advanced Guild Statistics
Platform : Web
Code : PHP / JS


Web app for analyzing WoW guild item levels.
Currently EU only. (Try Method on Tarren Mill for an example)

Name : Guild GearScore
Platform : Web
Code : Node.js / Javascript


Source code:
Just a small Discord bot that audits a WoW characters achievement/raid progress. Got tired of manually looking everyone up via the Armory!

Name : discord-wow-armory-bot
Platform : Discord
Code : Python 3

F5 - WoW
Windows platform
Developed in .net with NewtonJsonSoft

Soon ll be ready for install, i must to put some information yet.
I put this on the unofficial discord a little while ago but figured I'd put it here as well.

I've been working on this project for a few months now as a way of keeping track of achievements that haven't been completed on a character. I've got a few guildies all trying to be number one on the in game guild achievement list which works off character specific points.

By setting the in game option for showing only character specific points the site will help show what your character hasn't done even if another one of your toons has the achieve. Of course the site still works if you don't have that option selected.

For any achievement that hasn't been completed you'll see the percentage of players from your realm that have completed it, hopefully that can be used as some sort of "how easy is this achievement to do" metric.

So far I've got over 2.5 million characters indexed and that figure is growing.
Currently US servers only, sorry EU.

Any feedback will be welcomed :)

Name: wow achieves
Platform: Web
Code: php

My website generates the match history of all Starcraft 2 players (currently only on the EU Server). You can keep track of your activity and see your stats against every player you played. I would like to add some more statistics and an MMR graph in the future.

Game: Starcraft 2
Name: match-history.com
Platform: Web
Code: php (Symfony), JavaScript, Java
URL: https://match-history.com/
This is my app for generating talent configurations for SimulationCraft.

Name : wow-simc
Platform : Web
Code : Python/Django

I created an Overwatch stats overlay for OBS / streamers if that counts.

Name: Rank UI
URL: http://nymmy.com/howto/rankui
Platform: Web/PC
Code: node.js

Functions: Display ranks based on what game the streamer is playing. Currently supports Overwatch and PUBG. The streamer adds one or more bnet tags to show in the overlay. (Such as showing a whole team's stats.) After the stats are shown,
it sleeps for 3 minutes. If the streamer is not playing a supported game, it also sleeps.

Example shown in the URL above.
Name: AH Prices
URL: http://ahprices.com
Platform: Web
Code: PHP
Uses the World of Warcraft Auction API to display current auction house prices of the user's selected realm and lets the user browse or search these items.

Key Features
  • Supports all US, EU, KR and TW realms
  • Supports 9 different languages
  • Displays current and average prices for all auctionable items and battle pets
  • Detailed category pages for all crafting and gathering professions
  • Additional category pages for battle pets, transmog, TCG, vendor recipes and more
  • Allows searching by item name, pet name, seller name or patch number
Name: StarLog.GG
URL: https://starlog.gg
Platform: Web
Code: various
This site shows StarCraft Remastered User Profiles, User stats, Leaderboards, Match History, Clan information, Game Guides, Pro gamer's Broadcasting lists, Gateway Status, Build Orders and-so-on.
Hi everyone :)!

I've created a new leaderboards website for D3. As I was and still am thinking about also doing a clan website, this leaderboards website is already located at the clan domain and might become a subpart of this clan website.

As all two or three existing leaderboards websites only reproduce the ingame leaderboards and the only one aiming at comparability and therefore doing some calculations on top of this reproduction is using a technique called lazy loading, which prevents the data from being comparable, I've decided to develop my own leaderboards website.

Its key feature is comparability of players and also clans across all types of leaderboards per region, game mode, league type and league number which means a sum up of all solo statistics, a sum up of all group statistics and a sum up of this combined.

And you're also able to have all-time leaderboards.

To achieve this comparibility I'm using a pretty simple point system without any judging calculations (don't know how to better express this in English). Place 1 is 1000 points, place 2 999 points and so on.

Temporarily you're able to use this website in German and English, if somebody with other language skills is willing to translate a .yml-textfile into his language, I would appreciate integrating this into my website :).

URL: antihelden-d3-clan.de
Platform: Web
Code: PHP / Symfony2, HTML, CSS, JavaScript / jQuery

- display ingame leaderboards data
- calculate the best solo, group and combined leaderboards for players and clans
- calculate all-time leaderboards
- general JS filter and sort functionalities
- multilingualism
Hi there,
I'm currently working on a api client for the battlenet api in general. It doesen't matter which game or which Server (EU/US/etc) you can always rely on that.
It's far from finished but currently all WoW character calls as well as auction and achievement calls are implemented and ready to use.
It works definitely for EU and maybe for US (haven't tested that yet).

Please leave feedback how you like it. I'm also always open for new ideas or critic.

Name: BattlenetApiClient
URL: https://github.com/Kubinashi/BattlenetApiClient
Platform: Web
Code: PHP

Game: StarCraft2
Name: gapibot
URL: https://www.twitch.tv/nbnbot
Platform: IRC
Code: java
Functions: Gapibot is a basic IRC bot that can print player's league, tier, rank, mmr, progress and match history. Channel's owner can use multiple sc2 profiles, races and team types. All of the user commands have flexible filters to cut off unnecessary info. Gapibot is currrently running on Twitch chat servers as nbnbot.

Game: StarCraft2
Name: StarCraft2 Overlay
URL: https://www.nephest.com/en/projects/sc2-overlay/
Platform: Web
Code: php, js
Functions: StarCraft2 Overlay is a web widget for the gapibot project (for streaming software?)
Achvr is a dashboard for visualizing achievement progress with a Timeline chart and complete/incomplete achievements per category. In active development, coming features include: breakdown of categories by type, radial distribution charts, comparison view for multiple profiles, more interactivity for filtering of data sets, additional user settings, and color themes.

Name: Achiever
URL: https://achvr.io
Platform: Web
Code: JavaScript - NodeJS backend + React frontend
Supported Games: WoW, SC2, D3
Supported Regions: US & EU
An update for version 2. I decided to rewrite most of the application.

Name: WAH
Platform: Webapp
Technology : Angular 5, IndexedDB, MariaDB, NodeJS, Php (currently changing it)
Url: http://wah.jonaskf.net/

The original intent of the application was to figure out what recipes were worth spending my time on. But the scope grew as time went by, so now it also allows you to:
  • Browse the auction house
  • Get more information about an item. Check for price variations for the buyout prices of an item. See what recipes uses it as a reagent, or what recipes can make the item. How much it would cost to reset the market for that item to a specified value. And the potential profit of doing so.
  • Check trade vendor prices for blood and primal. These are used for crafting cost, unless you set a custom price for that item.
  • See if your characters have been undercut (when the API data was last updated that is)
  • One would get most use of the website using a TSM api key; as that is requiered to see demand and avg daily sold. But it is usable without also.

    Name: WoW10
    URL: https://www.microsoft.com/store/apps/9PK2B7J48Z93
    or URL : ms-windows-store://pdp/?productid=9PK2B7J48Z93
    Platform: Windows 10 - Microsoft Store
    Code: UWP, C#, XAML
    Name: Wowfeed Generator
    URL: https://wowfeed.herokuapp.com/
    Platform: Web
    Code: Node.js

    Functions: Provides an RSS feed for your character or guild

    The WoW armory used to have an rss feed but that got removed a while ago. So using the blizzard.js api (https://github.com/benweier/blizzard.js) I wrote my own.


    Name: WoW Reputation Comparer
    URL: https://wow.gnarlybits.com/reputation
    Platform: Web
    Code: Javascript, React
    Function: Visually compare multiple characters' reputations side-by-side
    Name: WoWDiscordBot
    URL: https://github.com/Sephiroth018/WoWDiscordBot
    Platform: Windows Service, MSSQL
    Code: C#

    A discord bot with multiple functions:
    • Notify people about characters joining or leaving the guild
    • Let people search for characters in the guild, giving them information about specs, iLvl, alts, discord user
    • Notify people about the current mystic affixes
    • Soon: Notify people about certain world quests
    • Soon: Notify people about guild events from the ingame calendar (and invitation state changes)

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