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Name: Data for Azeroth
URL: http://www.dataforazeroth.com/
Platform: Web (responsive)
Code: Node.js + React

- Leaderboards for players that like to collect things (mounts, pets, achievement points, recipes, titles, xmog, toys, etc.)
- Ability to view a player's collections, including what's on alts and what's not yet collected
- Ability to compare two player's collections side-by-side
- More coming soon!
Name: Wow Mount Tracker
URL: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.juse.wowmounttracker
Platform: Mobile, Android
Code: Java

Functions: Track the mounts you have / do not have, a mount planner to get paths to farm the mounts.
Name: Hearth Keeper
URL: https://calebfriden.com/apps/hearth-keeper/
Platform: Mobile
Code: Swift, NodeJS, Python

Functions: Deck tracker for Hearthstone! So many great tools existed for desktop players and I felt like the mobile crowd was missing out. I wanted to bring some of these tools available on sites like HSReplay.net to the large Hearthstone audience on iOS. Hearth Keeper features Battle.net integration (here's hoping that Hearthstone API is coming soon! I want to expand on this feature!) for easy sign in and gives players powerful stats on their decks.

Let me know what you guys think! Would love to hear it!
Name: Guildtag
URL: https://guildtag.com
Platform: Web
Code: C#, VueJS

Functions: Guildtag is an ad-free gaming website platform. We use the Blizzard API to:
- Import characters to your social profile
- Provide customizable leaderboard widgets using WoW guild character data https://lucewow.guildtag.com/p/leaderboards/
- Customizable profile cards for Overwatch by scraping playoverwatch *shudder* https://www.team501.com/p/stats/

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