Opening launcher links in Chrome freezes Chrome.

Bug Report
If I click on any of the launcher links, such as in News for the D3 Patch 2.2, it will launch Chrome and then just get stuck trying to load the page. It breaks my Chrome so badly that I can't even open up other sites like youtube or anything in new tabs. I have to close Chrome completely to use Chrome again.
I have the same issue :(
Hello ReinVII,

Could you disable all extensions in Chrome (Settings -> Extensions), then restart Chrome (all windows, if you have multiple open) and let me know if the issue is still occurring?
As it turns out, we believe that this issue may be caused by a bug in Windows 7 when UAC is disabled.

When clicking a link while the web browser is closed, the web browser may crash. We have implemented a fix into our software and will be rolling this out in the near future.

In the meantime a workaround is to open chrome before clicking the link that causes the crash to occur.
05/01/2015 08:09 PMPosted by Vexis
We have implemented a fix into our software and will be rolling this out in the near future.

Been well over a year, still crashing..

If not the entire time, then after the latest version.

Looks like someone forgot the piece of code required to prevent this issue..

In a semi-related note: It opens links twice. Boy is this annoying.
This is still happening to me. 12/11/2016

9 times out of 10, clicking a link from chat will crash all Chrome extensions. Been happening for a while now!
Same problem here !
Same here, the problem is still there.
been having this issue about a month. Before that it was fine but its rather annoying.
Same for me - crashes every time. Blizz pls fix this - it really can't be harder than puting +9 decks in hearthstone... You said it yourself - "Yes, we finally got the technology to do that". SO PLS DO IT
Gets me every time!

"Oh look! A new patch is out! *clicks* COME ON."

Guess I'll just keep googling every link I see on the launcher...
Still seeing the same issue. I pretty much have to have Chrome up already when I click on a Battlenet link.

That's just poor programming, Blizzard.
and still it does not work !! please fix this issue blizzard asap an sooner then that ! ;-)
Still not working am saddened to not be able to get quick news on the fly
I'm no Blizzard Developer, but I had a similar issue;
I make programs on my computer for my own personal use. One such program was used to open recent programs quickly (like a session restore). I had used that to open a program in a text editor. The text editor (SCiTE) failed to open correctly and error'ed in a similar fashion to the client problem here. The problem ended up being that my program was trying to open the editor (SCiTE) starting in the folder that the program itself was in. (I needed to have it open from the folder that SCiTE was in).

I'm not an employed programmer, and I don't know how the blizzard client works, but that might be worth checking out to see if that's the issue. (chrome is loading without being able to load any DLLs, Program Extensions, and external resources.)

Hope this helps.
Confirmed still broken as of 4/7/17

this is ridiculous.
Still broken for me, though the abovementioned workaround of opening a Chrome window beforehand did work, and I was able to view the page without Chrome breaking.

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