Battle net delay in warcraft 3

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Forced delay sucks. Everyone is unhappy.
I am not sure if Blizzard CAN NOT tell us something about this or just we are abandoned?
i planned to go back to wc3 but it's unplayable online (eu gate)
04/03/2016 03:30 AMPosted by sitterrus
i planned to go back to wc3 but it's unplayable online (eu gate)

You get used to it tbh. It was really flagrant to me but I got used to it after 5-10 games.

Also they haven't forgotten us, they are just a really small team that are tackling ancient code. I kinda wish they gave us a map pool change, a ladder reset and an AMM matching range fix (So you find games quickly at a high skill level... and perhaps reach lvl50 again!) and perhaps allow us to reach our ELL faster... it took me like 700 games to reach lvl50 back in the day, it just promotes whoever plays the most on the ladders.

I mean, I'm sure they have other plans which is probably why they are delaying these changes, but they could do it again if they release wc3 HD for exemple. I really don't think what I suggested is any hard/takes much time to do, unlike bugfixes and such...
im gonna be bumping my thread once a week where we had all the 4v4 map suggestions/input on what should come and what should go. That is literally the only thing that matters to me. I'm too lazy and not a good player to worry much about balance and AMM search times, but I do want those to happen too.
This delay is atrocious, does blizzard even care anymore?
Will they ever fix this? old player that came back after years without playing and I find myself not enjoying wc3 at all anymore. Don't they have respect for the users? Other servers don't have this problem, but i don't want to play a crappy server, i have paid for this game and i dserve the right to play in the official one.
This is not fixed yet...
The greatest game of all time, Warcraft 3 The Frozen Throne!

I have been hoping and praying for Warcraft 4 to be announced.

Until then Blizzard, please fix the delay on Warcraft 3. This game should be respected as the Hall Of Fame game that it is.
I agree with all that have been said before, Warcraft 3 is a masterpiece, a pinnacle of the RTS genre. It doesn't deserve such atrocious delay, it doesn't deserve to be treated that way, month and nothing have changed.

Blizzard has a reputation of neat and fluid gameplay, this lag can't continue.
doenst make any fun to play on eu server :(
+1. This delay is unbearable.

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