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Does anyone have a list of all of the new bonus IDs for gear for patch 6.2? There seem to be a lot of them greater than 600 that I haven't seen before.

First one I know completely about is 608, which is a socket. Why they couldn't just use the same bonus ID for a socket that they had before, I'm not entirely sure.
I've got 615 for timewalker and 642 for mythic dungeon, at least.
Some more:
[615] = true, -- timewalker
[617] = true, -- trade-skill (armor tier 5)
[618] = true, -- trade-skill (armor tier 6)
[619] = true, -- trade-skill (weapon tier 5)
[620] = true, -- trade-skill (weapon tier 6)
[642] = true, -- dungeon-mythic
[648] = true, -- baleful (675)
[651] = true, -- baleful empowered (695)

There were some other IDs around 650 related to baleful items, but could not figure out of what relevance they were.
Here's the 6.2 item bonus list with the attributes that I use in my project.

This list seems to be a bit outdated or wrong!

If i call the items api for realm durotan and char flauros, then i get for the waist item this:

"waist": {
"id": 124594,
"name": "Felbane Girdle of the Feverflare",

This is the bonus list: "bonusLists": [185, 653, 648]

Here, 185 should be feverflare, but shows as "merciless" in your list! Could you have a look at this?

BR, Gry
Something in the character API is broken, because I can confirm 185 is indeed Merciless.

Merciless also isn't a valid suffix for "Felbane Girdle"

You can see by observing the bonusIds in the URL that "Feverflare" is 108
185 is feverflare now in 7.0. I updated the CSV in my link above.

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