Old Endpoints Temporarily Disabled For BlizzCon 2015

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Hey Community Devs!

BlizzCon 2015 is fast approaching! We’re extremely excited for this event, but with it comes a significantly higher load on our network. We are going to actively monitor our traffic leading up to – and throughout – the event, and in order to properly handle the anticipated dramatic increase in load and provide the smoothest operations for as many users as possible, we may temporarily disable our old endpoints (e.g. http://us.battle.net/api/wow) when necessary. As a result, please be aware that these hosts may be somewhat unreliable during the weekend. We will only disable these hosts as needed based on stress being placed on our network so as to provide the least amount of interruption possible.

If you've already migrated over to our new API hosts, great! During this period, the new API endpoints (e.g. https://us.api.battle.net/wow) will continue to work as expected, so you should see no interruptions at all. We strongly encourage you to migrate over to these new endpoints as soon as possible.

If you’re still using the old endpoints, though, don’t worry. This is only a temporary measure. However, as noted in our API migration documentation, the old endpoints will continue to operate until at least January 2016. We will be sharing our plans to end of life these APIs in the very near future.

Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause you & happy coding!

- Battle.net API Team (。◕‿◕。)
What a first post :)
Thanks! I worked hard on coming up with the perfect face to express my joy.
Great post, glad it made me realize that I had some code still referencing the old end points. Got them switched over real quick following your post and things are back up and running. Thanks.
Thanks for into, tho I am getting:
596 Service Not Found

when trying to open https://us.api.battle.net/wow

New api not working too ? :)
I got 500 Internal Server Error in my web app... using eu.api.battle.net

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