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Well Met Community Developers!

I wanted to take a moment to update you on some new features / endpoints in the World of Warcraft Community API.

The following endpoints are now live and should be ready for your consumption:



"pets": [
"canBattle": true,
"creatureId": 45128,
"name": "Crawling Claw",
"family": "undead",
"icon": "inv_offhand_stratholme_a_02",
"qualityId": 4,
"stats": {
"speciesId": 264,
"breedId": 3,
"petQualityId": 1,
"level": 1,
"health": 150,
"power": 10,
"speed": 8
"strongAgainst": [
"typeId": 3,
"weakAgainst": [



"mounts": [
"name": "Grey Riding Yak",
"spellId": 127216,
"creatureId": 65017,
"itemId": 87788,
"qualityId": 4,
"icon": "ability_mount_yakmountgrey",
"isGround": true,
"isFlying": false,
"isAquatic": true,
"isJumping": true

These endpoints should return a list of all pets or mounts, respectively, which are currently supported.

We are working to add these new endpoints to the documentation on shortly.

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ohh nice i've been waiting alonggggg time for the mounts one :)


just looked at the mount api and see no reference of "faction" OR "Source". i did think about using the "itemid" to get source BUT currently 10 mounts (from a quick glance) don't list an itemid and using "spellid" does not list a source either.

Will this be incorperated in the future at all or will i have to manually add that information myself?
Hi Talonos,

At this time I do not have any further developments to share regarding the Mount API. However, we are constantly looking for areas in which we can improve our API's.

With that being said, I have entered your inquiry into our system for tracking so that we can investigate the possibility of adding source data related to mounts in the future.
Hi :)

Like Talonos, I was looking for the source of the single mounts in the API.
Is there an update about this?
Hi Rev,

While we would still like to add source data to mounts and pets, at the moment there are not any updates to share.
Hi Mag :)

Out of interest is there any way to test this API against the Legion Alpha database?

My guess is that unless some artificial cap on the mount array size is increased then the new mounts simply won't appear, or even more old ones are going to start dropping off in order to fit them in under the 500 limit. Just a guess but I'm concerned since this already seems to be happening on live and is affecting our site, and we're only going to be adding more mounts soon.

Thanks :)
Hi Wain,

At the moment we do not have any plans to make alpha / beta legion data accessible through the API.

As for the missing mounts issue, I can say with a fairly high degree of confidence, that the issue is not related to any kind of artificial size limitation on a collection. We currently have tickets entered into our system for tracking on this issue, so I can assure you it has not been forgotten :).

OK thanks. Sorry if I sounded paranoid, but the fact that the array size is currently at a very big, round number, combined with the fact that some mounts have been dropping off as others have been added made me suspicious :) Honestly I would have preferred it to be something that simple, because if it's not the case then it's probably no less worrying that mounts have dropped out of the API after database additions, on multiple occasions now. Hopefully procedures have changed, otherwise there's no reason to believe it won't continue to happen. :(
If you are aware of more mounts that have recently gone missing, we would love to have that information . I know in the past you have been very helpful in providing the names of some missing mounts.

Currently we are aware that at least 4 mounts are missing:

-Acherus Deathcharger
-Chauffeured Mechano-Hog
-Brown Horse
-Swift Warstrider

Thanks. Those are the only four currently. Others have come and gone. The latter two only more recently vanished, right after others were added which seemed suspicious at the time.

I am working with the endpoint of the mounts but it does not return all the mounts of the game. I was looking in the information and I do not find anything about any parameter to return more or make another request. Does anyone know something?

On the other hand, some of the mounts have no creatureId, which seems very strange to me. Are there plans to fix this?

Thank you very much

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