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Can you give an update on when the API for Starcraft Legacy of the Void will go live?
Also, will there be any release notes on new features?

I've been wondering the same thing. I notice that even the html profiles are down since launch, error "TK3IP".

I see has a LotV option now but no data...

Looks like the html profiles are back up after the maintenance window today.

Profile ID numbers look to be unchanged, the old style requests are still disabled.

However, even with https, a key and the new format requests, the API seems to still be down, returning
"status" : "nok",
"code" : 500,
"message" : "Internal Server Error"

Confirmed with my own code and with
can't wait for this to be fixed. It'd be great to get some more info in these API calls too! Maybe the match history could include game length and vs what races?!?!? That'd be incredible for stats!!! :)
Yeah hopefully we get an updated API soon!

@Devs: any ETA yet?
I also noticed that some LotV ladders data is available, but is listed as a "WoL" season
Ok, I'm getting some data for some calls and errors for others

Profile - 500 nok
Ladders - 500 nok
Match History - working as expected
Ladder - 500 nok
Achievements - working as expected
Rewards - returns but takes several mins to do so
Having same results as you, Remo.

500 nok on ladders in particular is quite frustrating
Global Ladder requests seem to work, but I wonder how can we get the leagues information like on ?

Profile - Internal server error
Ladders - Internal server error
Match History - ok
Ladder - ok

At least you need Profile or Ladders (from profile) informations to get the current league (master, diamond, etc.), or is there another way to get them from current working requests ?
I think there must be another hidden method because if you look at an html profile like:

You see 1v1 not yet ranked but if you go to

It *does* know about being ranked. So it's not just the community api thats broken, blizzards own usage isn't working right either.

The fact that one page can detect that there is a rank says to me there must be another method you could use if only you could find it...
I sent a message to to ask them 2 days ago, but no answer yet.
I can't believe that they access the last link you posted to get the league, thats would be so loud...
Yeah surely nios doesn't screen scrape. They are big enough that I wouldn't be surprised if they have some manner of special access.

I've noticed during past outages (like the first few weeks of new seasons while mmr is settling out) that nios starts updating again before my own access to the api starts updating properly.

Particularly during the beginning of new seasons there is that period where you get inconsistent results as if there are replication problems. Perhaps nios has access to a node upstream of a load balancer?

I'll be interested to hear anything you receive in response from them BsK.
Real shame that we got no answer in the last 5 days :\
Yeah i'd also would love to get a reply. I tweeted about this to B's community support's twitter account back when my web profile used to throw out a 500 HTTP error too. They said they'd look into this (most likely I wasn't the first one to report about it anyway).

After a while my web profile started working (still, doesn't show the ranking just like for a lot of others), but the API is still down. I hope they get this working soon, cause there's some stuff I want to update, but i haven't got anything saved to work as mock data, so have to wait for the real thing to start working again.
Confirming what someone else said how are doing it, I'm also doing it the same way on my 5 year old ladder ranking script when there was no api.

As you can see, it's listed as WoL and you parse the info off that. Same thing as it is on right now.

This is the only way to acquire data atm afaik.
Looks like the API's are starting to work again
The profiles on still don't display correctly though
Hi all,

We're working through some SC2 API issues atm. I'm hoping to have more information "soon".

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