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We're getting some reports that people with upgraded gear are not showing as upgraded when loaded from the API (or on Here's an example:'jin/qarrion/simple

This guy's weapon and trinket (chipped soul prism) are upgraded in-game, but the API doesn't seem to be giving any upgrade information right now.

I'm going to test and verify this on my own character later today as well, but wanted to post it here in case others are seeing the same issue.
Hey there, I'll look into it as well and see what I can find out. Details to come.
sometimes it takes the website 12 hours - 7days to update cache ... thats been my experiance
+1 on this one ! :)
Thanks Andanion for looking into it!

And yeah, I upgraded one of my items last night and confirmed it.

I know things can sometimes lag a bit around patches, but wanted to post this one because old (Mists of Pandaria) upgraded items were working just fine before the patch, so figured there could be something specific happening.

In the meantime I've updated our addon that scans player gear to handle upgrades, so our users have a decent workaround available.
The last time item's item level were changed it took approx. one month to also show up on the armory. That was when all BRF items got +5 item level back in march.

For example:
That is a post a couple of weeks after the +5 item level hotfix. Just the same as it is now. Armory is always weeks behind.
11/17/2015 05:13 PMPosted by Andanion
Hey there, I'll look into it as well and see what I can find out. Details to come.

any updates on this?
Really would like an update on this. Not seeing anything coming over in the gear API pull for this.
agreed the upgrade info is not on the character item api yet ...
Sorry for the slow reply...I thought I had reposted on this.

I've submitted this to the Dev's as an issue last week. I'll post more when I get more details.
+1, same issue

No update news ?

Thx for responses :)
+1, have the same issue. It's not a cache thing as my toons other data is updating correctly.
news on this? any estimation about when we get that?
what about updating the armory to show mythic transmogs instead of the heroic ones? smh...

The valor upgrades have been addressed, and should be displaying correctly within the WoW API and the website. Please let me know if you still experience any issues related to 6.2.3 valor upgrades, and if you do, please paste the example you have and state which endpoint you hit.

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Now if only it would display Mythic gear correctly...
Mythic Warforged Items display incorrectly still.
725 base Cloth gloves Mythic Warforged fully upgraded to 735
Displays as ilvl 695
See Gloves
i just ran a test on this character on my test server and its running properly...

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