Release of Guild Calendar and in-game events calendar for Parsing

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Hello Folks.

As programs such as
  • EQDKP :
  • BBGuild (By Sajaki) :
  • Portal 3 Extensions for Guilds by Talonos :
  • We are finding that a larger demand is going out for at least the ability to parse Guild Calendars.
    With information regarding all current in-game WoW events and Guild added events.

    Many of these Authors of Forum Extensions, site creation and code programming are hungry to give their talents over to creating calendars for their sites, and other site creators.

    And these are just a few people that I am aware of ;)

    I can fully understand why the programmers would not wish for external 2-way communications to the in-game calendar....From a security point of view it makes perfect sense...but I can not see any reason why a guild calendar could not be parsed from an external source.

    Many Guild Site creators such as myself look to create deeply fulfilling, well rounded and informative sites that are a place of information to guild members, and sometimes, non guild members alike. A place where all current Guild information is readily available and can be discussed outside of game, in a different atmosphere.....a home for guild members.

    The ability to make the Guild Calendar available on many of our sites is considered to be a tantamount need in order to help make our sites informative of all in-game current events.

    I am asking, as many other have, to at the very least, make the Guild Calendars and in game events calendars available to permissions level "Read" if not "Write", we just want the ability to see our guild calendars at our hard worked and developed sites.
    Chalk it up to a "Quality of Life" Thing.

    Y'alls time is appreciated
    hi sgtevmckay :)

    btw its not called "portal 3" its actual name is "Board3 Portal"

    02/22/2016 09:50 AMPosted by Talonos
    hi sgtevmckay :)

    btw its not called "portal 3" its actual name is "Board3 Portal"



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