Warcraft 3 New Patch - 1.27.a

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1.27.a 15th March
I just reinstalled. is RoC dead? I'm stoked on this.
Warcraft IV confirmed!
Really looking forward to this. This could really revive Warcraft 3 custom maps. Uther Party and Pyramid Escape are my favorites. I like them so much, I’m now trying to get my own standalone VR version of them crowdfunded.
Roc is not dead, check clan 4on on Europe
war3 is not dead a lot player play on netbase and arena so thx blizzard for enjoy the game more !! with this new patch.( i hope map hacker will be delete on btl net , and few thing new about meta currently could be nice ) ^^ have a nice day all
I along with many others still play Warcraft 3 especially custom maps. I have played for the past year every week and the game has not been completely dead but an increase in player pop. will be great.

My few concerns with this patch are:
1. Will this patch break hundreds of custom maps due to some changes in the patch? This would be awful because majority of the custom maps are years old and very few people would still be around to fix them or update them.

2. Will blizzard ban or get rid of any bots on battle.net? In case you haven't played, making a custom public game on battle.net requires the use of a bot. There are websites that allow anyone to host a game using a bot. The reason for this is it gives several benefits to players, such as auto-refreshing games (with low population, this feature is necessary to get anyone into games). However at the same time it does also cause problems where many times games will end for no reason due to bot problems.

All in all I look forward to a potential increase in player population. But even now if you were a fan of classic TD's, and yes even Uther Party as someone said here, these games are still played and it is easy to find a game. Although sometimes bots host games automatically and no one joins those so you may have to host your own games using one of the bot websites like "MakeMeHost".

Battle.net 1.0 of today is certainly different to what it was maybe pre-2008 because of the necessity of bots to allow for more people joining games with a smaller community.
Everyone is looking for a better MPQ models support

it would be nice if we could replace the vanilla models with better ones, something akin to dota 2 mods or even dawn of war, where you can replace and add custom voices to an hero without bnet screwing up
Everyone is looking for
please a campaign like rexxar
Ladder reset, less delay in ladder, and proper fullscreen support would be nice)

And also nerf DH6 Metamorphosis in Reign of Chaos ))
6 Vs 6 pleas
03/12/2016 11:10 AMPosted by skizzard
I just reinstalled. is RoC dead? I'm stoked on this.


RoC is still alive..

Some channels that are populated as of today, most people in order:
Clan 4On, Clan BMF, keko, Clan RoC, Clan Miss, Clan Rndm,

This applies to Europe Northrend.
PATCH 1.27
DATE: 2011
I can't wait to play through the campaigns without the cinematics being all washed out and cloudy.
Make Update so it works on Mac
There are possibilities of graphic improvements?
Blight deservs effects when extended. :D

P.S: Also turn water color in green when bligh is around could be great.
+1 for Mac computers
Anyone know the exact time for 1.27 release?

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