app white screen after update

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I just updated the application (it was working fine before), and now the application's screen is white. I can't see anything.

Screenshot :

I tried reinstalling with no results. Help.
I have the same problem. Except mine is invisible (see through) instead of white.
Hello Scynthrax,

Would it be possible for you to gather and send us a copy of your Logs by following the instructions on this page: It will help us to better understand the cause of the issue.

This may not result in an immediate fix for your individual issue, but it will go directly towards getting this sort of issue fixed in general. That being said, if we can find anything in your logs that will help us to better troubleshoot your issue, we will do so.

You can email those as a zip archive to this address:
Use this line for the subject: [Scynthrax] [ app white screen after update] [20742976609]

Message sent.
Hello Scynthrax,

Additionally, we would also like to get your dxdiag to aid in troubleshooting and debugging this issue.

If possible could you also send us that?

Use a similar subject line: [Scynthrax] [ app white screen after update] [DxDiag] [20742976609]

And send them to as well.

dxdiag sent.
I am also having the same problem as Obbas
Same problem, with a change, 1rst it was invisible, now it become white and crash. where do i sent the info?!
Same problem here. Fortunately, I still remember where the Play button is.
Same issue here, both Logs and DxDiag sent.
I'm having the same issue with the white screen on my home page. I've sent the zip, as well as the DxDiag. I'm also having an issue with new heroes and gold cards. For some reason all of my gold cards won't load the image, it always appears black. The game has done that since I installed it, It seemed to fix itself for a short while but sometime before the last update it went back to loading black backgrounds.
Looking through the information you guys have sent in we suggest that you make sure that your drivers are up to date. We've seen several drivers as old as 2008/2009 and the latest ones for your particular Intel chips should be 2013.

Sessho, Indra, and Scynthrax specifically, if you could all make sure you've got the latest drivers and try again and let us know the results we'd be much appreciative.

The only update I can find on Dell's Website for my computer with the automatic detection is a BIOS update. Nothing for the chipset.

Screenshot :

Edit : I installed the new update, now the app won't launch at all and I get an error : it says that the app failed to create a graphical context, to check if my drivers are up to date and to check if my computer meets the minimal requirement. Now I can't even launch hearthstone.
Support referred to the graphics chip I guess.
Go to the Intel site, get the .zip of your chipset and OS. Unzip to folder and manually update your graphics card. Google if You don't know how to pull this off.

Gfx update helped in my case too.
I found and installed the last update for my chipset intel(r) 82945g express chipset family 11/6/13 Latest on the intel site, I'm pretty sure all my drivers are up to date now, but the issue hasn't resolved itself.
Everything's looking fine, now - has been updated today, and the issue seems to have been fixed. Didn't even need to update my drivers, thank you.
My application is hanging and not responding after starting it. Recently updated graphics drivers. Please see logs.
I am having a bug problem with my account. It loads fine and the game plays fine but on the main hub for the screen the ads for like overwatch and starcraft 2 updates and such has some weird mirror thing. I am able to see half of the ad but then it mirrors and flips over for the other half and it goes down to the bottom left of the screen. It's really weird and it happened after the updates
I am experiencing the same problem, though I've used previous versions of Battle.Net before, I cannot guarantee what the problem is. I've looked at the image a fellow user has put up, (Scynthrax) to be exact, and I can say I am experiencing the same problem. If there is a solution to this please reply ASAP. Thanks!
im having the same problem sometimes its just invis or something so i just sent my logs

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