app white screen after update

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The battle net will start, and then the edges will go white and then crash.
dont know how to start playing
Same problems here, trying to update drivers to see how it goes
I have error 123 I need help please !
i'n having the same issue. my app is stuck as a white screen as well. I've made sure all drivers are up to date. And cleared the Blizzard cashe, uninstalled and reinstalled the app as well. with no change. any recommendations?
This happens close to the same with me but only when after hitting the Play button to go onto d3 a white screen comes up for about 20s
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I have the white screen as well, but only after I close a Blizzard game, usually hearthstone. However thought the "Blizzard Beta App" is white and you cannot interact with it, I can still use the features through the taskbar icon of the blizzard app including sending whispers, launching games, and going into voicechat. The app itself is still working but the window becomes white and prevents all interactions with it.
I have the older version and it has took 10 minutes to load one thing.
04/07/2016 01:55 AMPosted by Scynthrax
I just updated the application (it was working fine before), and now the application's screen is white. I can't see anything.

Screenshot :

I tried reinstalling with no results. Help.

Try this
02/26/2017 08:41 AMPosted by Eloemaz
Hey undogooder ,

Let's see what we can do to get the App to load properly. I do have some troubleshooting steps I would like you to try to help fix this.

• Delete these files[url=""] here[/url] and [url=""]here.[/url]

• To be on the safe side make sure [url=""]operating system and the drivers in the computer are up to date. [/url]

• Run the computer in a [url=""]selective startup mode[/url].

• At the log on screen
    1) Click on the cog wheel
    2) Click on Settings and then Advanced
    3) Uncheck "Use browser hardware acceleration when available"
    5) Click Done and then restart the App.

See if that helps.

- JC
i cannot even download the app now since i deleted the app and download the app
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Guys, possible solution: try to go the Battle-net settings -> General -> Advanced Settings and untick the 1st option then save and restart, this worked for me!

I have an issue which may be fairly similar. I'll see if I can get the screen shaking and static to replicate again.

Essentially all had been going well, but I was suddenly playing hearthstone and a the bottom 1/4th of my screen just started shaking up and down and stretching wildly along with static lines. Eventually it resolved itself thank goodness, but the issue was followed by a near permanent transparent box in the background where the portion of the screen had been distorted. I was able to fix it by restarting, but that was the only way. This happened about 2-3 days ago. Originally I thought something was wrong with my monitor, but I noticed the day before yesterday the issue happened almost immediately as soon as I decided to open I had also been using my computer prior to opening it, so it wasn't random.

Today, I've had enough of it and decided to post about it. I was playing hearthstone and decided to exit the game and leave open in the background like I normally do. I ended up with a shorter incident of the bottom part of my screen distorting, but it stopped fairly quickly and I was left with a transparent film yet again. I ignored it, moved on, and decided to play a Steam game of mine. Around 30-40 minutes into my session, there wasn't any screen shaking or distortion this time, but suddenly the bottom part of my screen where the film was had been completely replaced by a white box. I was unable to even see the screen that is normally there, forcing me to hard reset my computer(couldn't select the restart or shutdown options from there, cmd prompt restart would be a little over the top).

Anywho, that's all I've got. I've got a few images of the incident that happened earlier today.

I was just about to link to a screenshot of the issue, but looking at the screenshot, there is no trace of the whitebox or film in the picture, even though it was quite obvious there was one there.

Here's a mockup of what it looked like
30DEF0A7-0B59-42CD-8DCF-14CEA8A421D5 help
i have the same problem but I can still click the buttons when its all white\
had the same issue until reinstalling it just didn't show up even when tabbing to it, just updated my drivers so i'm guessing that's it
Hey what its FE55EDE0-E875-4C3E-802F-233AFDBC1BCE ? Get this lots time now try oppen or d3 ros. Sometimes srec turn black or game frozen XD have hard time close it agin most press off pc at start menu and stop it and enter battle net agin this keep going for times now happen mostly now start or 30-2 hrs game time XD so what did this code mean really?.
não consigo instalar o app
como fosso faz 4 dia que
nao jogo

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