How do you minimize/change tabs in D2/Mac?

Mac Technical Support
Command TAB doesn't work. D2 froze on my one time and I couldn't get out of the screen. Had to force shut-down.

Also, when will an update come with bug fixes?
Yes, command tab isn't working for me either. I'm stuck in the app until I decide to close it.
CMD+M will put our classic games into Windowed Mode if the app gets stuck. Is your OS currently up to date? The re-released Mac clients were designed for compatibility with 10.10 and 10.11 OSes, so having the most recent updates on those may improve stability.
I'm on 10.11, and yes cmd+m works. Thanks. But it would be a bit easier to just be able to use command tab while in fullscreen mode.
I can´t use my F buttons to list my attacks on d2. My mac buttons just do their other functions such as adjusting the light on the screen etc.

How do I fix this?
This is an unrelated topic, and the thread was necro'd from way back in 2016. You'll want to start your own thread.

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