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Guys imagine if Blizzard created a tridimensional rotation camera in Warcraft IV. Just imagine how awesome it would be to zoom-in and turn the angle of the camera to the left or right and rotate around buildings/units or around any given (x,y,z) axis in the tridimensional space. Even if they don't do that I'm honestly looking forward to know more about Blizzard's ideas for Warcraft IV.
bump, Blizzard. Please announce this game at Blizz Con 2017
WC3 was the best game of all time. WC4 would be equally received.
Ok, so since other fans have done this, I'll throw in my list of wants for WC4 too...

- similar ranking/team/clan experience to wc3 (this was the best i.m.o.)
- potentially a 5th race - blood elves? a 5th race would add more strategy
- similar RTS gameplay (supply/heros/units) just using a new graphics engine
- don't overdue the hero items, just keep us interested
- some awesome new heros with awesome hero spells (plenty of ideas from DOTA), reinvigorate the old heros with additional spells (keeping some from before)
- i could see new air/navy/water aspects interesting, but not overly important
- new maps. i mostly liked the ones in wc3, particularly Lost Temple (so reinvigoratge that one too!)
i dont know if can be announce on WarCraft IV for year 2018
Any announce on future toughts about Warcraft RTS are welcome from Blizzcon 2017
I do believe that Warcraft 4 will be released in the future. The game will have a huge success for sure, and many awaits it.
omg please some warcraft 4 or at least a huge update on warcraft 3
Warcraft 4, create it!!
Make it Happen
I really wish WC4 would continue the WC3 TFT storyline, ignoring the WOW. Don't see any problems with it though.

Cuz it won't be the same game without Arthas!
Please! Make it happen!
If not WC 4, at least a remaster of the Warcraft trilogy in the same vein as Starcraft!

Then we could replay the DoS games and make our own WC4 Campaigns (among other great games) and stuff in the newer custom engine until the sequel!
Create a game Warcraft 4 (RTS) & DotA (MOBA), make 2 in 1 games like Warcraft 3 & DotA (Defense of the Ancients) would be interesting, don't forget to add both games with ladder system, reconnect system. It will be the best games in the world of RTS&MOBA. Best design heroes, best gameplay.
Warcraft 4 is now i development. release date 2046.
If Warcraft 4 were to happen, the first thing I'd do is pre-purchase the collector's edition, once you can pre-purchase it, in a heart beat.
It's time for WC4 to happen. Been waiting far too long for this.
I really hope they realize wc4 as a phone/ tablet game. As it won’t take players away from any other game, and as a mobile game they will compete with similar games on the app market.

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