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I realised that everytime I open the battlenet app, my cpu load just increases and my laptops fans goes crazy. Mostly it uses my i7 processor by 14% and it never decreases.
The exe file is: Battle.net Helper.exe and it uses the cpu by 14%.
What would be the reason that it is using the cpu that much?
I'm also experiencing this issue with the Battle.net Helper.exe

There is an option to exit completely out of the Battle.net launcher when you launch a game which will alleviate your CPU issue but doesn't answer the question why there is a constant 10+ % CPU usage from the Helper.exe

Does it constantly ping the server to update the tiles? Should there be an option of how often to check for updated tiles / game files so it's NOT on all the time? Please look into this issue Blizzard.

Thanks in advance.
Bumping this. The amount of CPU resources that the Launcher and Helper use is ridiculous. The app needs to be streamlined for when it is minimized or in the background.
here something i just tried and it works.
open friends list > settings(aka. little bluegear by your name) > privacy settings

takes you online to your battle net account "communication preferences".
Uncheck "News and Special Offers from Blizzard Entertainment".
Uncheck "Support ticket status updates from Blizzard Customer Support".

BAM! dropped 2 of the helpers while bnet app was still on.
didn't try the real id check, but it does give you the warnings there.
if you do wana try it "write down all your friends names" so if you lose em all you can still

get em back 8)
06/28/2016 03:41 PMPosted by PoTNeedleS

Uncheck "News and Special Offers from Blizzard Entertainment".
Uncheck "Support ticket status updates from Blizzard Customer Support".

Mine were already unchecked but Bnet still takes about 15% CPU.
My CPUs have been showing that they're sucked down and I'm trying to locate where the CPU is going to (I'm certain it's mainly chrome and its million instances, but stats don't lie). The top offenders are Battle.net Helper.exe when I open up the resource monitor and sort by average use from top to bottom. In this screenshot I've checked the instances so I can get a holistic overview of the CPU being consumed by Blizzard's processes: http://screencast.com/t/bIWp04uDsR There's no acceptable reason that a launcher should be so resource heavy.

For others I wonder if you're set up to do a game directory scan every start up? I could see that consuming a lot of resources, especially if you have a ton of drives or a slow hammered main drive. Ultimately if that's the problem it should be throttled, and honestly shouldn't be much of a CPU consumer, but rather an IO consumer.
After having my computer on for a bit over a week, the CPU time counter in Task Manager indicates that the Battle.net Helper.exe has used 22 hours 50 minutes of CPU time.

I'm guessing this is somehow caused by the way the client utilizes chromium embedded, probably related to the carousel shown on the pages, with their video/image contents. I am guessing that the moving pictures (be them videos or gifs or whatever) are rendered even when not shown, as there is no difference on CPU usage no matter what is being displayed.

Perhaps create an option for static mode or something. Using more cpu resources than the node.exe is rather inexcusable.

You are directly increasing my power bill (not by a huge margin, but still), please do something about it.
Up ! I get the same problem now since yesterday I guess, my CPU is around 10-20% without Bnet and when I launch it, it's get up over 60-70% increasing the ressources consumption from System and WMI Provider Host...
Reported this as a bug a month ago:


and way back in May:


It's pretty clear by this stage it's by design. Terrible design, but they're not gonna fix it. I'm running the beta version and it's just as bad at the CPU usage from Battlenet Helper.

Sadly it means I now have to make sure the Bnet app is NEVER running unless I'm playing an actual game, thereby making all of its social functionality totally pointless.

You have to wonder why this is even a thing in the first place. Steam uses 0% CPU when idle. Hell, the much-lambasted EA recently revamped Origin to make it more flashy, and even ORIGIN uses no CPU when idle.
i have the same issue with Battle.net desktop app (32 bit), extremely high CPU usage (upwards of 40%) on my new laptop running i5-6300HQ on Win10. i can restart the client to bring it down again but after a while it ramps back up (even during idle). how do i know if my CPU is just bad or if the program itself is indeed consuming a crap load of CPU processes?

Well, I'm not sure what Blizzard are doing wrong, but I can tell you that Battle.net Helper.exe is Battle.net's equivalent of steamwebhelper.exe: both host various subprocesses used by the Chromium Embedded Framework[1] (a spinoff of Google Chrome that both applications use to render web content).

And Blizzard is doing something wrong: steamwebhelper.exe doesn't normally use even 0.1% of CPU when idle, and steam.exe takes about 1.5% when idle on my system, so clearly CEF can use less CPU.

Strangely, I've found that Battle.net eats less CPU with "Settings > General > Advanced Settings > Use browser hardware acceleration when available" turned off; that is, with GPU usage turned on, Battle.net had been maxing out my CPU usage, but with GPU usage turned off, it's using about 10% minimized (to taskbar or tray), and 20-30% when actually mapped to the screen. That's right, using the CPU for more actual work is somehow saving me CPU time. (This may or may not be related to the fact that my GPU is part of my Intel processor.)

This is still terrible compared to Steam's ~2% idle usage, but it couldn't get much worse than the ∞% that it wanted before.

(Oddly, as of Battle.net client, this option only seems to add "--disable-gpu-compositing" to the helper's command line, while Steam (beta, built Mon Dec 19 21:19:08 2016) uses "--disable-gpu-compositing --disable-gpu" here. Shouldn't Battle.net use both flags when browser hardware acceleration is off?)
I also have a high cpu load on the battle.net app on my mac. it is nearly as high as the game itself.
I have the same problem.

My task manager shows all 8 cores busy as soon as I open the client...

I disabled the "Enable Browser Hardware Acceleration when available", and it substantially improved my performance, but it's still very process-intensive for being a simple authentication agent, and a frontend for launching games.

What gives?

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