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I'm working with the WoW Community APIs - EU (or US, I've got the same problem)

And on the API, I'm asking for the realm status (/wow/realm/status) and in the response, I've got the information for the PvP Area with the next battle starts but I don't understand how to handle the number for the next value.

For exemple, the next Wintergrasp for Archimonde is at 19:51 and the value in "next" is 1462729000058.

I'm working in C#, if I try to use the TimeSpan object, I've got an exception, if I use the DateTime object, I've got a datetime at 02/01/0001 and finaly, if I try a timespan converter (online website), I've got "Sat, 14 Jan 48322 19:07:38 GMT"

So, if someone can help me to understand how to use this value to get the next battle starts, I'll be very grateful.

Thanks :)
times are displayed using epoch. should give you an idea near bottom of page.
Specifically, it's in milliseconds since epoch. If you're using a function which expects seconds since epoch, you'll need to divide by 1000 first.
Thanks to both of you :-)

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