Battle.Net Client Log In Wrong (yet correct) Informations

Bug Report
When you want to log in and you type your e-mail in the username bar, the client may type the username for you (because it saved the account you used). If you let the client type the e-mail and you try to log in (with the correct password and authenticator code), it will not connect you saying that something is invalid, is wrong. I tried typing a wrong password and it automatically said that it is wrong, without needing the authenticator code. But when I typed the correct password, I needed the authenticator code, and, after that, it said something was wrong. I tried a lot of times until I got the idea of retyping the e-mail. After I did that (without letting the client type for me), I wrote the password, the authenticator code and it logged me in.
I've never gotten that, Darkraid, and I have it remember my password all the time.
What I mean is that my password was correct, too.

I hope I am understood with this explanation:

Let's say you log out and, for no reason, you delete your e-mail from the username tab. You want to type it again and the client remembers your e-mail so it pops your e-mail so it can be written automatically. After that, I enter my password, it requests my authenticator code and I'm taken back that something is wrong. I do that a few more times, and is still the same. I try INTENTIONALLY to put a wrong password to see if it is the same error (and it was but it didn't request the authenticator code, that means I was typing the correct password).

Finally, I am thinking that there's something wrong about how was my e-mail written, so I delete it and I type it manually, without letting the client do it, I enter my password and my authenticator code and it works.

I don't know if it happened before or I was just unlucky, but I reported it so other people don't scratch their head why it isn't working, though they typed everything correctly. Also, I tried logging in into the browser, and it worked (while, in the client, it didn't).

I have to say that everything works now.
Again today I had to log into my account settings, uncheck and recheck the 'always ask for an authenticator code' to get it to accept. It immediately let me in afterward. I have nieces, nephews, and my grandkids over occasionally and I'd rather have that extra layer of security in my pocket than any amount of "convenience".
This "fix" didn't work for me. I still get the error after I try to put in the authenticator. Password is correct, code is correct.

Note: To post this reply I had to use the same values (password and authenticator) and it worked just fine. It also worked fine when I manually logged into Overwatch but the game says I need to update so I need to be able to log into the launcher. =(

EDIT: However! The turning off the "authenticator every time" in the account settings DID work!
I tried fixing this, still can't play overwatch or login on my account (this is my HoTS account)
Is doing the same thing to me wont let me on thru the Blizzard app but am using the right code
i keep getting wrong code wen i log into blizzard wen i enter the right code

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