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I apologize if this was already addressed but I was wondering if someone could help explain how to handle the Character Audit API. What are the significance of the numbers both on the left and right within the "slots", "unenchantedItems", "missingExtraSockets", etc.. objects. For example it says "2:2". What does each number mean?
06/12/2016 09:45 PMPosted by Grepster
For example it says "2:2".

The ['audit']['slots'] fields are the total count of issues with each inventory slot; in your example, slotID 2 has 2 issues.

Look under the issue type fields for the specific issues with that slot; issue types are the ['audit']['unenchantedItems'] or ['audit']['itemsWithEmptySockets'], (etc.) fields, and these are shown in slotID:1 format where 1 represents 'true' and slotIDs with no issues simply aren't shown. You should find (based on your example again) "2": 1 listed twice.

slotID (currently) has an offset of 1 to the actual inventory slot IDs and there are 2 issues with your shoulder item.

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