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My battlenet app is transparent!!
Happens to me alot. Seems to be an issue with my computer coming back from hibernation. When I reset my computer, the App displays normally.

It's a fairly recent issue, been around only a few months now.

There are others that have added tags to the launch shortcut that has lessened the frequency of the effect: " --disable-gpu ".

It's only clear though. As long as you remember where the buttons are you can still open your games with it. Also right-clicking on the shortcut open a small window you can select your game on, as an alternative to resetting your computer.
When I am in game and the app decides to turn itself transparent, the game will go to a white screen (almost like a display driver crash) then come back normally after a few seconds. When I switch over to the app, it is just the windows box, without anything there, the tray items do still work, but the app needs to be force closed and restarted (no computer reset required)
So I wonder if the app is crashing the display drivers and they recover, but the app is still broken afterwards.
Running Win7 sp1, Nvidia GTX 770, driver version 368.81 (current)
I have the same problem has explained by Dretz except on mine the screens turn black then recovers but my app is transparent. If I continue playing the game will eventually crash after a while.
I still have all of these problems, and increasingly more frequent video driver crashes as well. When I reboot the pc, my battlenet appears as normal, till the first driver crash, then it is transparent after. I know where the buttons are so just load wow like normal, but still this is extremely frustrating. It is not a problem in ANY other game. Come on Blizzard! sort this out.Running Win 7 enterprise edition SP1 , Nvidea GTX970 on a Dell XPS420 .
Same dude, I hope it gets fixed it seems like a pretty recent problem though.
I'm having the same problem as Dretz
Same problem as Dretz... Please help
Hey i'm with this problem too, somebody got solve this? Please help me
06/08/2016 10:01 AMPosted by Hrxs
My battlenet app is transparent!!
So 2019 and im having the same issue as all of these guys....great.

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