Creating own connection fro friends (something like own server)

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hi guys

so i was wondering if its possible to somehow make a own connection so friends can join and see your servers in game like in normal server browser but only those friends can see it and join it

we want to play a game that is not hosting server anymore and i was wondering if its possible

and if i need th "special" router

thanks for answers :)
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what about tunngle? isn't it more popular ? or more used
The most popular one for blizzard games (actually, for warcraft 3, and starcraft) is Garena. I hate that thing though :v

Maybe you could use Hamachi as a simple solution (basically simulates a LAN)

Private servers (such as creating your own battlenet gateway) are not legal, but as far as I know, using Hamachi or something like that is perfectly ok.
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Gameranger does NOT work with 1.4!

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