Forgot my password, now what?

Hola Amigas :D

Soo today i tried to login on my account

Account name:
EU realm

and it said "wrong password" so i tried a gazzilion times more and guess what...."wrong password" so i did that password recovery email thing but i haven't got the email yet :(

plz help me or assist me on what to do, thank yo
possible ban or keylogged if you bought divinpk
i dont use hacks or anything like that
if u have an unreg'd account and forgot your password you're SOL. Plain and simple. There's no way to prove you own that account. Should reg your acc or write down the PW if you cant remember it. If you were banned there'd be a notice when you tried to log on so i dont think that is the issue. Also... check to see u didnt change realms on accident. I've done that a few times where i sum how clicked west or w/e while trying to log into east and thought i forgot my pw.
Sounds like you got double registered. How long did you own the account "Snowflake" before losing it today?
gl to you snow.. & ty to u too :).

if u havent already. try checking ur spam / junk inbox if u using gmail etc.

I'm afraid the account was not registered when it was created so a password recovery isn't possible.

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