explored areas not saving.

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Hello there,
I have a quite annoying issue which is that everytime i enter in a cavern , go back to town (TP) and then come back to the previous area the map is not saved and everything is clear.
An other problem is that the controls settings are not saving either.
How can i fix that ?

OS Specs : windows 10, 64bit
The control settings and the explored maps are stored locally on your computer, even if you are playing in closed bnet.
You can find the location for these save files via regedit.exe in the key "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Blizzard Entertainment\Diablo II\NewSavePath"
In general it should contain something like "C:\Users\USERNAME\Saved Games\Diablo II\"
So changes doesn't get saved, I would first check, if this folder and the files therein are all okay and writable.
yea this is a bug that came with the new update a lot of ppl have problems with it
Probably has something to do with one of their detection methods for modders

Most have maphack and if you load then reload the map etc

only thing i could come up with

Your not a modder i m just saying it came with 1.14D and well thats all tehy did was add detection software
I Finnaly fixed this issue .... Everything works fine if the game is launched under administrator ... that is quite silly. But this only fix the issue with the mini map.

This doesn't fix anything about the non-saving of the game's settings.

I hope that will help some.

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