Tournament problems on (wc3 the frozen throne)

I know this game is close to dead, but I'm a little tired of all the weird little glitches that seem pretty straightforward to fix. The tournament page, for instance, bugs about 75% of the time. You click the 'preliminary round' link and it just brings you back to the home page. you click the 'final round' link and it shows the times, but not the players. Kind of a bummer. Also just had an issue in a 3v3 tournament where we all showed up on time, and our opponents didn't, but the thing tweaked and eliminated us anyway. It said 'waiting for players' until the next round, which was at 9:15, and then at 9:15 the 'waiting for players' message disappeared, and it said 'waiting for round 1 8:40 ET.' Huge pain in the !@#, cause obviously we all went out of our way to show up on time. Little glitches like this might sound insignificant, but they add up and make the game a lot less enjoyable. Hope to see a fix in the next patch.


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