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Bug Report

I just got off the phone with a blizzard rep to relay this issue to him, and he advised that i should also make a post here! (he was very helpful and customer-service oriented by the way!!) - Thank you !

The issue:

It seems a new background pre-patch was made available this afternoon. Upon starting the download (20gb) my CPU usage on TWO of my older computers (a 1st gen i7 , and a 2nd gen i5) both approached 60% + CPU usage on update agent times peaking above 80% with overall system CPU usage approaching 100%.

Pausing the downloader caused the CPU's to resume normal behavior.

After hanging up the phone with the blizzard rep ---i just tried to start the background downloader on my brand new custom build with an i7 6700 at the helm....which is also experiencing an erratic CPU usage while the backround downloader is downloading.

Lessening the bandwith reduces the severity of the CPU usage spikes, but even at 100kbps this issue occurs.

Please advise a solution, and more importantly please act. I am sure there are players who may not be realizing this issue and are taxing their hardware at extreme levels.

Please feel free to contact me via cell with additional questions (or email)...i am sure you can locate my account info from this post. (anytime day or night is fine).

The only commonality between these PC's is the verizon fios router/ service coming into my house.. All are wired connections.

I have never experienced this issue before on any blizzard platform, nor in any other scenario.

Thank you.
I am having the same problem. PC was working fine until this afternoon when a Overwatch patch got released now my CPU is running at 100% causing my game to lag. When I looked at my processes I noticed that Agent.exe *32 was using a ton of CPU and memory.
I found the problem. it's downloading the WOW patch in the background but to use so much CPU and memory?
Same problem.. Also WoW background download, if I stop it CPU usage goes down to normal value

almost 24 hours later - same issue occurring.

I just attempted to resume the background download on my i7-6700 ....same issue.

As i am typing this i observed a peak CPU usage of 90% on JUST the update agent 32bit. It fluctuates on average from 12% to 60% CPU usage....

...make that 91.5% peak on just update agent.

This clearly isn't normal....especially for a modern i7 processor....but as i mentioned in my initial post this phenomenon is impacting three different computers all with different hardware configurations.
Having the same issues. It's not just Windows PCs affected by this, so for once Microsoft's crap API is not to blame.
Just noticed this same issue is occurring for me too. i5 7500 processor and taking up nearly the entire CPU to download in the background; even when limiting upload speeds to 2MB.
So i'm not the only one with that problem, first I thought it was because of my new pc that i got last week, the patch itself was almost downloaded with Tuesday but at the last 5,55 KB it stopped reasumed the Download on Wednesday and the CPU went up to 75,88 % and it's highs as i looked 92,34% for a few seconds but nothing is happening because the 5,55 KBs are "downloaded with 12 Bits!!, something went wrong with this patch as to the app can not get the last drop of it, I mean Overwatch, Starcraft2 and Diablo it went like normal

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