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For the past few days, I log on via bnet client, I get asked to use one-button authentication, which I have set to ask every time. First bug: Frequently, even though I logon, client is still offline. Second bug: when I use client to launch WoW and I pick the account (I have 2 active), I get prompted for a MANUAL authenticator code, and then have to choose the account I want to play again. Having to authenticate twice, while certainly secure, is rather a pain!

Hello Fhina,

When the Battle.net App shows Offline that would mean you are not logged in to the servers yet. Then when a game is launched it will then prompt you to log in to get you actually logged in to the servers. There are some things that could be causing the Battle.net App not to log in and show Offline. Please try the steps below to get the Battle.net App logged in.

• Delete these Battle.net files here and here.

• To be on the safe side make sure Windows and the drivers in the computer are up to date.

• Run the computer in a selective startup mode.

• Please power cycle the network equipment and flush the DNS.

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