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I maintain an iPhone app showing info from the SC2 Api. Sorry to repeat from my previous posts, but I feel the SC2 Api is in a really bad state right now.

There are two main functionalities, showing achievement info and so on, as well as showing ladder information. Both are practically broken.

The achievements show wrong images, are not update for the latest content patches every time new content releases, and I cannot even see the LotV campaign status.. reported in March. This makes all apps using the API as well as itself show wrong images for achievements and portraits.

The ladder doesn't show MMR or what sub-league someone is in. This makes it impossible to show where players stand within their leagues, and breaks the functionality of community sites like rankedftw. It is not really hard to add these fields, the info is just sitting there in the databases ready to be picked up.

So pretty much all community apps using the SC2 Api are more or less broken at the moment, because simple updates are not being done. And the worst part here is that the response on this forum is "I'll report it to the devs and get back when there is an update" which is then followed by weeks and weeks of silence. It feels like all the messages disappear into the void! If I'm being rational I can tell myself, come on, be a bit more patient, probably it's on some list and they'll get to it. But I'm starting to feel more and more salty about this! Come on, it's not a new feature, these are just bugs to get fixed, or small adjustments for broken systems! Should be simple! I don't even dare talking about wishes for the future, the current thing is broken for everyone and there is no feedback at all about plans to getting it fixed again! Any feedback would already be better than this silence. Even if the message is that for the next few month it will probably remain broken and then you'll review the priority. Just say something! Blizzard, please!

I have impression it is not changing. Even if you go to and check own profile achievements images are not displayed correctly. Links to media like are dead.

Can this get fixed?


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