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Hello fellow developers, I maintain the battlenet-api package for Node.js. Well at least I used to. I don't anymore because I recently published a new package blizzard.js that is a ground-up rewrite and I thought I may as well put the word out there that it exists. </shameless self plug>


battlenet-api is deprecated but still available and its supported features will continue to work. I recommend migrating to blizzard.js to take advantage of new features and ongoing support.

As always, I try to make working with the Blizzard API a little easier and I appreciate everyone who uses my packages. I have a roadmap of planned features for blizzard.js so stay posted for more. Please reach out to me here, on GitHub, or on Gitter (click the badge link in the README) if you have any issues/questions/comments.


Blizzard.js features:

  • a major version number - woo 1.0!
  • a cleaner API that is easier for me to maintain and for you to work with
  • promises support for the latest in JS "oh, shinies" (yes, I dropped callback support)
  • Node v4+ (Node v0.x is gone)
  • a test suite so you can be confident it works
  • richer documentation that is better organised and easier to understand
  • an example app that you can instantly deploy to Heroku
Hey there!

Just wanted to say I really like the project so far. I've been playing around with it quite a bit, and love the work you put into it.

I had a few questions I'm struggling with due to limited documentation. (The Heroku Deployment is interesting, but it requires figuring out endpoints -prior- to being able to use it.

If I were to make a call to get the list of realms/realm status, how would I do that?
Documents make it seem like it's wow/realm/status but that doesn't respond.

My other question is more of a lack of Node experience:

You link examples like['profile'], { origin: 'us', realm: 'amanthul', name: 'charni' })
.then(response => {

Which to me seems like it could be used on a view level, but I'm unsure on proper implementation. My current use-case for the package is actually querying the endpoints on my domain and fetch-ing the results which feels -very- direct and completely unintentional.

Would love any insight.
Thank you for this project, very well written, I' m using it to write a little application and learn node at the same time, it is a blast.

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