Can't add friend nor receive friend requests

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For some reason I can't add a friend and I am not found on the search, even when we used our battletags to try and add each other, both in americas server, I can't add her and she can't add me. Why is it not working? If anyone can help I will be very thankful.
I'm in the same boat, I've tried battle tags, emails. I've had other people try to add me. No luck. I'm no where near the cap for friends, I've even cleaned out a few and still no luck. It doesn't even send the requests.
Having this same issue. Can't add friends by tag or email, nor can they add me.
This might be what you guys are encountering... but again; it might not be.
Just trying to be helpful.

If this isn't the problem, then you'll probably need to wait until a Blizzard member replies.
One problem is parental control (account mute set to enabled) chack that too
Hi my friend tried adding me on blizzard and I did them, but neither of us got friend requests sent to each other. All other friends that I have added recently, I got the requests instantly.
Adding to this, had this issue for over a year or two now.
This will happen if your friends list is full. Blizzard should increase the limit of friends you can have. I believe its only 49 or 50 atm.
same issue here ^^
neeed help trying too add friends not letting me add anyone?
hi im having same issue
Hi.same issue:(
Had the same issue bought the game in EU then on vacation in asia. is logged into EU region but cant search my friends. had to use VPN to get it working.

Very flawed system when you cant play with your friends from around the world
SAME HERE. a year or so, like the other guy. I’ve told/asked them about it. Nothing!

People seem to be able to add me (as recently as yesterday someone added me) so I’m not sure why I can’t add anyone.

I even redownloaded the game on both phone and iPad today. Same issue. :(
same issue
Same issue, and the problem was that we needed to add the hashtag and id number with your account. Hover over the battletag on your friends list and it should show you both. So when you try to add it should look like


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