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That is awesome - would love a way to get that input into something like the Bruk spreadsheet:
We made a simple spreadsheet to check mythic progression for our guild based on weekly hall chest check.

you can make a copy, then Tools -> script editor -> insert your api key -> save and renew main page
Well the link isn't working, is it posible to make for the current week maybe?

When i have my api, how do i get text into the program?
Could you provide an URL example for the full endpoint? Is there a way to only get the one criteria in return or do we have to parse the entire thing?
Hi everyone!

For m15+ critia (id: 32028) I get ridiculous values. For example: My Alt finished only one mythic 10+ but in the criteria value for m15+ returns 287.

All other values seems correct (so far)
If the character has not completed the achievement, the corresponding ID still gives a result for some reason. e.g.:

achievementCompleted key = 12000

criteriaQuantity array has < 12000 keys

yet criteriaQuantity[12000] will show something

same issue currently with Cathedral of Eternal Night; I haven't played for 6 weeks yet API says I completed CEN on all difficulties 3 times
Thank you, I'll add a "achievment Complete" check, before printing the value.
I've another question: When exactly (UTC) spawns the new mythic chest? Is it like every reset at UTC 9:00 tuesday/wednesday (US/EU) I've heard that US realms are splinted in different regions. Does this impact the reset/ mythic chest spawn times?

At the moment my tool is only in German but it can be translated via a language file (very simple) so it should work in NA, too.
01/25/2017 05:54 AMPosted by Sylkk
Hi all !

First of all, thanks to all for sharing all this informations.
I've develop a website for our guild, and i'm trying to know which m+ (cache) members did last week (since it's not possible to know for the actual week, if i'm right) like this :

But i encounter a problem. like Vamp said earlier, i'm checking feed activity for all members searching "challenge-mode-jackpot" LOOT, and then with bonusLists associated, I'm knowing which levels they did, but SOMETIMES there is no loot in the feed activity associated with the key. (or the loot dissapear from the feed list, not coz of 50 activities limitation).

GOOD : (key + loot jackpot)
BAD : (only key)

So my question is, is there any solution to know exactly which lvl they did last week or current week ?

Hey Sylkk and Takarii I found that you are actually working in a similar idea as the one I'm doing, I made this app Wow Nation ( )

And I want to show max level completed of Mythic+ Dungeon, I found the feed not reliable, as stated, it will only show last 50 feed items, and this won't work for inactive users which already did Mythic+ way back and the feed get crowded with other stuff...

Is there any way we can communicate, I would like to share code snipets and API knowledge with people like you my twitter is @kepex

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