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Im trying to use my new Apple AirPods for voice chat in the app and it doesn't work. I can listen to the music from the game perfectly fine but my mic won't move from my iMac's built-in microphone to my AirPods microphone. Has anyone figured this out? app is using system default audio system, my system preferences says my default audio system is my AirPods so I don't understand whats wrong.
Same issue here. I also have the same problem with my Beats Solo3s, which should work exactly the same way since they use the same bluetooth stack. The audio test in the chat audio setup in seems to indicate that they should work, but they don't.

They work great in other apps, i.e. Google Hangouts, etc, so I'm not sure why is different. Seems like it should see it as a system mic source just like any other app. I ended up just using my Solo3s with the wired mic instead, but would love to find a solution for this.
It seems like the issue is that the app is set to use 'system default device' but doesn't identify that my system default device has been changed in my MacOS system preferences. I think this is a bug. I hope blizzard fixes it.
It seems bluetooth mics don't work.
I have the same issue. I can hear just fine but the microphone isn't recognized. Makes it annoying to pull out wired headphones to use the voice chat.
Pleae fix blizzard
Same problem here, this needs a fix. Just got my airpods and they do not work with it.
My issue is actually that they constantly have static and stutter the sound. I'd count that as not working though.
This sure is annoying, Bnet voice chat is unusable with AirPods. I hope they'll fix it soon.
Same problem here.
Same here. This is really annoying.
The battle net app does not see the AirPods at all.

Either blizzard have made something too custom or apple have changed some APIs.
Anyway let's hope they fix it soon.
Same problem here. Hopefully post here if a fix is made.
I have the same issue, but the headphones in questions are Bose QC35s.
Same issue with AirPods.
same thing with my airpods.
Similar issue here, except they can hear me just fine—but I can't hear them. I have all sounds from the game and other apps on my computer through my AirPods just fine... but not voice chat.
Same here. No Bluetooth microphone support
Same thing! Please help!!! Bought these special for good and comfort playing with my guys. But it doesn't work =(
No voice and no sound in wireless EarPods
Same here pls fix!
Over a year now, I guess they just don't care.

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