Multiple instances of Agent.exe using heavy CPU and drive

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I left my PC on all day and when I came back 12 hours later I found 4 instances of Agent.exe using up heavy amounts of CPU and disk. wmiprvse.exe was also using 60% of my CPU, but after restarting that service it returned to normal usage. Howerver, the Agent.exe tasks still used roughly 50% of my CPU and some of my disk. Here are screenshots of the task manager and resource monitor before I ended the Agent.exe files.

I have decided not to run in the background of my PC since this also happened several months before. It was an easy fix, just kill all the Agent.exe programs, but I just wanna bring light to the issue. If you need me to send any file or logs for the developers just ask.

Edit: Also, why is Agent.exe reading my Google Chrome data? try one of the agent fixes and maybe there is a fake virus agent in ur pc that isnt made by blizzard do a virus scan!

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