1.27b - Commandfunc.txt override no longer works.

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There was a glitch in the 1.27a that allowed the maker to override Commandfunc.txt and give buttons an incorrect offset, which would hide the button. Many maps use this to hide commands. It was patched in 1.27b which breaks many existing maps.

I do support patching glitches, but please give us an option like "Hide - Yes/No" in the Object Editor or Gameplay Constants to hide icons (like move, patrol, etc), if you're going to patch this one.

Reference: http://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/patch-1-27b-changes-to-commandfunc-txt.290471/
12/22/2016 06:04 AMPosted by iHomeless
Yes blizzard has only bad stupid coders in classic staff :(


Howdy Kinetic,

We intended to fix all the negative coordinates that cause maps to crash. We have the two pairs of coordinates that don't cause crashes (0, -11) and (-2147483648,
-2147483648) white listed in 1.27c. Soon.

Reference: http://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/warcraft-3-patch-wish-list.257163/page-21#post-3121946

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