[Solved] Fix Almost any Battle.net bugs with these 9 quick fixes!

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WARNING: This fix probably won't fix cross compatibility with 32 / 64bit devices! It is mostly for Agent.exe stalls and other client based errors. It also fixes network issues and continue button issues!

Table of Contents:
1. Fix most issues (waiting on installation or update / cant install battle.net / error code)
2. Fix some issues (same)
3. Fix network issues (same + many blizzard error codes fix)
4. Fix region lock / detection issues (can't change region from EU or country from US/EU)
5. Fix Battle.net Helper using lots of CPU or RAM and remove annoying blizzard ads.
6. Graphics card not detected!
7. Fix continue button doesn't work!/A last resort for other bugs!
8. Another graphics fix!
9. Can't click Battle.net outer frame.
If 1 doesn't work try 2 and 3 - vice versa

To fix most issues:
Auto Tool for lazy people (more likely to work but make sure to run as administrator!):
Complete Steps 1-4 to fix cannot install/reinstall Battle.net launcher!
Complete Steps 1-10 if you cannot start installing a game or see "Waiting on another installation or update" when you try to start/continue/force a game download.
1. Open Task Manager and stop Battle.net.exe, Battle.net Helper, and Agent.exe in that order.
2. Delete the folders:
a. C:/Program Files/Battle.net/
a. C:/Program Files (x86)/Battle.net/
(one of them won't exist)
b. C:/ProgramData/Battle.net/
c. C:/ProgramData/Blizzard Entertainment/
d. C:/Windows/Temp/
e. %appdata%/Battle.net/
f. %localappdata%/Battle.net/
g. %localappdata%/Blizzard Entertainment/
3. Launch the latest version of the Battle.net installer with admin perms.
4. Wait for it to install and do not end Agent.exe in Task Manager.
5. When it is done, it will autodetect your game, press continue.
6. The download should automatically start, if it doesn't don't click play/resume download, continue to step 7.
7. Browse to "C:/Program Files or Program Files (x86)/Battle.net/"
8. Hold Shift + Right-Click and in the drop down open a Command Prompt window.
9. Type in exactly:
battle.net.exe --game=prometheus --install
and hit enter.
battle.net.exe --game=wow --install
and hit enter.
Heroes of the Storm:
battle.net.exe --game=heroes --install
and hit enter.
Diablo 3:
battle.net.exe --game=diablo3 --install
and hit enter.
StarCraft 2:
battle.net.exe --game=s2 --install
and hit enter.
battle.net.exe --game=hs_beta --install
and hit enter.
And if that doesn't work force start the installation!
10. Have fun :D

How it works:
Agent.exe is a messy program that ruins people's lives. It stops your game from downloading so you uninstall battle.net which sometimes doesn't even work but if it does, you reinstall it. When you reinstall it Agent.exe stops it from installing in the first place, making the issue worse. This tutorial fixes Agent.exe bugs but it is complex. The reason so many folders including AppData, Cache, Temp and Main files have to be deleted is because Battle.net installer creates many copies of faulty Agent.exe files throughout the computer. If one copy is still present, the installer duplicates the copy instead of downloading from the internet, creating another buggy version of Battle.net client. Deleting all the folders allows a fresh copy of Agent.exe to be created, fixing most Battle.net client download issues. It worked for me so I hope it works for you! xD

To fix some issues:
1. Right click Battle.net Installer.
2. Press properties.
3. Press compatibility tab.
4. Check run this program in compatibility mode for:
5. Select Windows XP (Service Pack 3).
6. Check Run this program as an administrator.
7. Press Apply, then OK.
8. Open Battle.net installer

How it works:
This method runs the Battle.net installer with admin perms (so that Program Files can be modified) and runs it in Windows XP mode which fixes most compatibility issues (Battle.net installer still knows what version of Windows you are using).

To fix some network issues:
1. Make sure Battle.net or Battle.net installer is closed.
2. Download fiddler:
3. Install fiddler.
4. Open fiddler.
5. Open Battle.net / Battle.net installer.
6. Check if bug is still there.
7. Have fun xD!

How it works:
Fiddler creates a proxy server (data filter) to analyse data. This data filter helps Battle.net connections run smoothly in case a program is interrupting it. I hope this works! Thanks.

Fix region lock / detection issues:
Auto Tool for lazy people (more likely to work, do not run as administrator):
1. Open Task Manager and close Battle.net.exe, Battle.net Helper.exe and Agent.exe
1. Browse to C:\Program Files (x86)\Battle.net
2. Shift + Right Click in window and press Open Command Prompt Here
3. Enter the following command (region):
battle.net.exe --detected-country=US --detected-region=US
To set your country/region differently, find your country on this website:
and replace US in the command with the 2 digit ISO Alpha-2 Codes
Language should be changeable in battle.net settings.
4. Hope it works xD!

How it works:
Changes locked settings in Battle.net via command line.

Remove ads to stop Battle.net Helper using lots of CPU:
WARNING: All ads and images will be removed and replace with Uh Oh! We could not find what we wanted to show you however all games will work fine.

1. Search notepad in start menu, right click it and press run as administrator.
2. Press File --> Open and Browse to
change file type dropdown to all files and open hosts.
3. Scroll to the very bottom and add the line: cache-us.battle.net

How it works:
This fix blocks all connections to cache-us.battle.net. Battle.net ads are hosted on this server. Blocking this domain will not stop your games from working and will not stop you from downloading and updating games.

Graphics card not detected:
Either you don't even have a graphics card, your computer only has iGPU (your CPU is pushing graphics power so you need to buy a graphics card) or you do have a graphics card and DirectX/Battle.net is not detecting it, this will need to be troubleshooted.
1. Open Start Menu
2. Search for and open Device Manager
3. Expand all drop-downs and find items with exclamation marks
4. Right click them, update drivers and search windows update. This will take a while
5. Have fun xD!

How it works:
This fix updates corrupted or out of date graphics drivers, allowing you GPU to be detected by your computer!

Fix continue button doesn't work:
1. Download this Battle.net repack:
This link has been removed and should be updated by the 31st of March 2017
2. Extract the folder to the desktop.
3. Run the file inside as an administrator.
4. Battle.net shortcut will be made on the desktop.
5. Have fun xD!

How it works:
This fix just installs battle.net without a faulty installer tool from Blizzard.

1. Right click Battle.net
2. Go to Graphics Card
3. Change it from default to your Graphics card not your CPU graphics.
4. xD!

How it works:
Forces Battle.net to use your best graphics card.

Frame Bug (annoying but temporary fix, you'll just have to deal with it):
1. Browse to Battle.net folder.
2. Shift + Rightclick and open command window here.
3. Enter the following commands to change tabs:
(any game commands will change from shop or news to games)
Add "--install" to any games to install them!
battle.net.exe --game=prometheus
battle.net.exe --exec="launch_uid prometheus"
battle.net.exe --game=wow
battle.net.exe --exec="launch_uid wow"
Heroes of the Storm:
battle.net.exe --game=heroes
battle.net.exe --exec="launch_uid heroes"
Diablo 3:
battle.net.exe --game=diablo3
battle.net.exe --exec="launch_uid diablo3"
StarCraft 2:
battle.net.exe --game=s2
battle.net.exe --exec="launch_uid s2"
battle.net.exe --game=hs_beta
battle.net.exe --exec="launch_uid hs_beta"
battle.net.exe --exec="focus shop"
battle.net.exe --exec="focus news"
battle.net.exe --exec="dialog friends"
battle.net.exe --exec="dialog settings"
Logout (forced):
battle.net.exe --exec="logout"
Exit (forced):
battle.net.exe --exec="shutdown"
Didn't work.
Marked As Solution
IT WORKED! WoW is installing! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
No problem samulish! On your post please tell this link is the solution!
Sorry HeldByAHeal tell me what your issue is if you need any help.
This works really well for Overwatch and its given me hope that I can get the games working again. What's the command line for Heroes installation? Because clicking on Install doesnt work :( not on the PC to check it with trial and error just yet!

battle.net.exe --game=HOTS--install

I was able to get B.net installed by clearing cache with Fiddler, but now I'm getting the same issue that led me to uninstalling B.net in the first place (trying to install HotS, keep getting "Waiting on another installation or update" before it cuts to an error telling me to check my internet, which works fine for Chrome, Steam, etc.).

EDIT: http://i.imgur.com/qvEqbJc.png is where I'm at; it doesn't make any sense since I literally just downloaded and installed B.net from the official website, so it's not a matter of it being out of date (and I've tried downloading it again and subsequently reinstalling). I've turned off Windows Firewall and Microsoft Security Essentials, I've turned off the LAN proxy settings, I've restarted my computer, I've System Restored to a date where things were working fine, etc.
The not up to date is cause you used HOTS which is incorrect.
I have updated the post to include all commands to install all games.
01/14/2017 05:11 AMPosted by Borderfox

battle.net.exe --game=HOTS--install

The correct command is now in the post.
It is:
battle.net.exe --game=heroes --install
01/14/2017 08:44 AMPosted by HeldByAHeal
EDIT: http://i.imgur.com/qvEqbJc.png is where I'm at

Try following all my instructions with the new command. Make sure you delete all the folders and reinstall before using the command for a larger success rate.
When I type in the command to install the games it just hangs on the start install screen. I have tried every solution Blizzard has but the best I can achieve at the moment is that battle.net will launch but it's not downloading any data.
01/14/2017 05:33 PMPosted by Nuttydread
When I type in the command to install the games it just hangs on the start install screen. I have tried every solution Blizzard has but the best I can achieve at the moment is that battle.net will launch but it's not downloading any data.

you followed the whole tutorial right?
I stand corrected. Followed the tutorial and for the first time in weeks it's working. Thank you very, very much. Your help has far surpassed anything Blizzard was able to do.
01/14/2017 05:50 PMPosted by Nuttydread
I stand corrected. Followed the tutorial and for the first time in weeks it's working. Thank you very, very much. Your help has far surpassed anything Blizzard was able to do.

I am so angry with blizzard, they should fix this issue and it seems the hours of work i spent to find this fix is the only way.
You are a super hero and I hope Blizzard reward you for your actions good sir.

Is may be noted that to install another game I was forced to follow the steps from the beginning again only putting in the command line for HOTS (instead of Overwatch).

The worst thing is... Blizzard have us following a mad string of uninstalling other programs and all sorts of strange doings only to arrive at the same outcome - Agent is corrupt and needs a quick fix.

Hopefully they push your fix to new people who are in need and haven't found the forum post.
thanks Borderfox
this is not the solution see my youtube video

01/14/2017 10:55 PMPosted by fireball
this is not the solution see my youtube video


fireball go to C:\Windows\Temp and delete all files inside! it might work
help me please, i followed another threath that said to delete the battle.net and blizzard entertaiment folder in %programdata%
now i cant follow your steps and i dont know what to do:(

this was the threath i used https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/heroes/topic/16885178392#post-6
This solution did not worked for me, fails to install/update.

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