Can't move window or disable DPI scaling

Bug Report
Ever since my launcher updated on January 10, it's been locked to the lower right corner of my screen. I can't drag the window anywhere. I can maximize, minimize, and resize the window, but not move it.

Additionally, the launcher now ignores the "Disable display scaling on high DPI settings" flag in Windows 10. I have a 4k monitor and use 150% scaling, but I disable the scaling for many apps where it doesn't look good or it's not necessary (like the launcher). Before the Jan 10 update it used that flag properly, now it doesn't.
Same exact issues here. Revering to the standard non-beta client did not help. Super annoying.
I am also having this issue and it's incredibly obnoxious...
Same issue here. Win 10, 4k primary monitor.
DPI settings (Properties -> Change high DPI settings) are:

[x] Use this setting to fix scaling problems
Use the DPI thats set for my main display when: I open this program
[x] Override high DPI scaling behaviour. Scaling performed by: Application

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