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Here's the least you could have done with 1.27b:

-Set all 'clan' channels as a 'public' channel (ie Human castle) so that only TFT&roc can enter, so that spambotting channels endlessly can STOP
-Decrease latency from 250 to 50~100
-Change map pool, not randomly like you did last time, actually keep the good ones and kick the bad one's (Last man standing sucks)

If you have any energy left after doing these ^ simple steps
then you might as well start working on patching hacking tools & banning hackers. Or a better matchmaking system. Why else are you here???

You guys aren't doing anything tbh
How about you just quit your job and we let a team of hungry africans take it? At least they'd try.

last thing ill say: nobody gives a damned !@# about some 0.000001% chance of chain lightning bugging, certainly not when there are SO MANY ISSUES to be addressed.
Flaming aside, I do agree that the wc3 community as a whole would prefer fixing urgent gameplay/QoL issues before bugfixes, especially since it'd be much simpler...
I paste here what someone pasted in the other thread:
Also, I'm pretty sure spambots can be roc/tft so your suggestion wouldn't work, unless i'm wrong..
They can take some lessons from w3a about anti-hack, cuz Blizzard seem complete crap about it, the only thing they did is hardcoding offsets on 1.27a but LUL it takes like a week to decrypt all the offsets...
Ok w3a isn't perfect but (let's say) 90% of players are legit, the 10% are the ones that have bought the mh from the german !@#$er i 4gt his name, the guy whom made their anti-hack system, he's asking 50€ if you want to hack on w3a.
I still have Skype logs about it, I wanted to be sure about "rumors" around, it's about manipulating the reverb.flt files into redist folder as he told me indirectly.

Tl;Dr: Make a decent anti-hack system & decent latency, this is the main reason why people left this game because even public *%^-** are working on BNET.
@drayenlol sorry that my 'damned !@#' was too much of a flame, about the tft&roc bots though, the ones being used right now are NEVER tft / roc
that's probably because its hard to get a mass of wc3 keys, since many of them were banned too.

The least it would do is make spambotting much more difficult, and not every noob with few 100 diablo keys could do it.
Yeah, most of the spambots are D2 and Starcraft keys
Agreed with the post , I have no idea what this classic games team is doing.

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