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12/20/2016 08:10 PMPosted by BearTribe
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IK. it looks super cool.


You should enter chat on uswest so I can harass you via chat. I tried whispering you earlier but you were not replying.
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My ignorefilter won't let me add Bob_the_Evil as a friend.

lol. what's pw?
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Starcraft is on its last leg

StarCraft is actually seeing a resurgence lately, and once real modernization efforts are finished (http://www.teamliquid.net/forum/brood-war/508993-shieldbattery-bw-revitalized-for-modern-mortals and http://www.teamliquid.net/forum/brood-war/517127-openbw-introduction), I would expect to see a rebound.
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Email me. endugu@live.com

12/20/2016 05:34 PMPosted by Kaylin

...integrating the game to the newer battle net platform would fix delay, search times, spambots, etc.

I don't agree. The problems such as spam are inherently amplified by the the cd-key system which allowed rampant theft of game licenses which isn't possible to the same degree on modern battle.net (you can still lose your account but it's much harder and it's recoverable; once somebody knows your cd-key for a classic game that's the end of it). Adding functionality for battle.net 2 won't do anything to to the other problems these games have like spam, matchmaking, cheating/botting etc without integrating and extending the technologies that combat these issues on the newer titles.

Even if we migrate everything to battle.net 2 obliterating the chat lobby system as we know it (internally, not as it appears in the client) and forcing third party bot engineers to build clients compatible with the new protocol we're not going to fix the problem that some people have 50,000 starcraft cd-keys or that selling diablo 2 items is insanely profitable. In addition integrating the chat and single-auth system used on battle.net 2 isn't related to search times, and not even necessarily related to anti-hack technology though the modern games have a more modern tech right now. More than just battle.net chat features need to be integrated in order to solve the issues on the classic games which probably includes developing some new features unique to the problems the CD-Key system creates. Moving to the new battle.net system is not a magic bullet that's going to fix issues with this game by itself; there's after all still botting and spam in Diablo 3.

That being said, integrating the classic games into Battle.net 2 will consolidate developer efforts, help make it easier to support these titles since there will be a single system to support both from a customer support perspective and administrative, and allow us to talk with our friends playing Overwatch etc. That'll be really sweet. It'll also likely fix any problems with authentication and the weird system where all the classic games login a bit differently from each other.

I do not know why people think integrating the game to battle net 2.0 is the same as adding a shortcut of the game to the list.

Migrating the game would mean revamping the interface, changing how chat channels and accounts work, moving to a better server/network infrastructure. It would introduce challanges, but will most definately eliminate the current issues.
For a thread that started as a senseless rant, there have been some very good comments!
12/20/2016 01:53 PMPosted by Clásico


1. Can we also deactivate friendly fire please, in team games?

There are alot of grievers online these days, who attack your base with either new accounts "4fun" or because you "stole" their item or because of anything minor (...), sometimes just "for fun" even on their main account and then the team loses... I even saw a pro do it "Till...".
There are names like: "I kill noobs in my team".

It really destroys the game, and any modern game doesn't have it anymore. Even worse in warcraft 3 you are not punished for doing so.

2. A more utopic request: There are plenty of reconnect systems for custom games already. You could work together with those guys to implement that to battle.net ... Every modern game has it. In wc3 a simple disconnect (even for 1 second) and the game is left (FOREVER). It's sad there were alot of nice games sometimes were someone lags a little bit and then he is out.

2.b) I see that is already alot of netcode. But what would be nice is if the game doesn't run at 10x speed when you lagged and instead pauses for a short moment or slows down (10x = pauses at your screen and then catches up). Like other games.

Why was it nice? There are more and more people who play games from mobile machines, and lag isn't the most rare there..

3. Easy balance fix:
for an underused hero: make Soulburn not be canceled when you teleport (Firelord ability). Similiar to warden's Shadow Strike whose damage will go on, I think that's fair for an already Damage over Time.

Edit: Thanks for the answer.
Afternoon ffFiend,

As of right now we're not looking to make any gameplay changes.

12/21/2016 02:20 PMPosted by Clásico
Afternoon ffFiend,

As of right now we're not looking to make any gameplay changes.


I appreciate the blues having an active presence in the forums again.

To clarify, by "not looking to make any gameplay changes" it sounds like balance changes are not on the table right now for WC3. Can you also clarify whether changes to the map pool are within the scope of your team's 2017 plans?
12/21/2016 02:27 PMPosted by HyperTurtle
To clarify, by "not looking to make any gameplay changes" it sounds like balance changes are not on the table right now for WC3. Can you also clarify whether changes to the map pool are within the scope of your team's 2017 plans?

They did specify that balance changes were going to happen back with 1.27a. I figure he meant we won't see significant mechanics change to the game, unless theyre backing off their initial word. I wouldn't blame them if they wanted to focus on making the game more accessible rather than doing balance changes.
They said that balance changes were being looked into, not that they were definitely going forward with them. So I wouldn't consider it breaking their word if they didn't happen. And unless the classic games team includes members who are very familiar with how WC3 works at the highest level, I wouldn't really recommend taking on balance changes.

But I really think it would help avoid hurt feelings if the current scope of the project was verified. Are the changes to SC1, D2, and WC3 limited to technical issues such as compatibility and anti-cheating, or are bigger changes such as a new maps, graphical updates, and compatibility with the new Battlenet feasible.

I don't expect to be given the complete picture as Blizzard doesn't generally share plans until they're fully ironed out. But I would like a general idea of what goals are and are not on the table right now. Hopefully these things will become more clear in 2017.

Balance changes were definitely on the table. Clasico did say "for now" as well so plans could change in the future once they get all they want done.
Balance Changes, New Map Pool, and More are being evaluated. The only thing that changed is the Patch id. (Not 1.27b)

We'll make sure to keep everyone updated.
Thanks for the posts Clasico, we all appreciate it.
I would like to say my opinion about the topics on this thread. First of all friendly fire should not be deactivated. Friendly fire can be used to wake up sleeping units by Dreadlord of your ally. You can also last hit kill (deny) anyway dying unit of your ally.
I appreciate the confirmation of improving the matchmaking system on BNet, but I think there are more important changes that BNet needs right now. If we ask the question why BNet is on the present situation the answer will be hackers and the high delay compared to other platforms. The lack of players due to these problems result into matchmaking problems. I strongly believe making BNet preferred platform again have to be main goal for Blizzard team, even more important than balance changes.
Dear Clásico,

If your people knew what the effect of spam was, you would've already put a client filter on clan channels. You wouldn't post links to job postings implying a magic recruit will solve it all with their bag of tricks that kick all spammers out at once. I count it my failure that among others I didn't get the message through.

While you listen to hack whiners, please remember that 99% of them accuse anyone better than them, and half of those "better players" are smurfs or loss abusers sick of waiting hours.

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