Is there any mac that can handle wow?

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I have so much lag... low fps on my 2012 mac mini, 2.6 gh I7 core. I get into a battle and everything slows down. maybe I need a new computer. I have only ever used Amiga's and macs... do I have to go to PC now to continue my WOW passion? Can anyone point me to a computer that I can play wow on without issues?
A lot of current macs run WoW at medium frame rates (30-50 fps), but the mac mini is unlikely to - mostly due to the small/slow graphics chip. Mac mini was not really made for graphics intensive programs, fine for browsing and word processing but not for multi-player gaming where you need 25-35 fps to be fun and look decent.

My old (late 2009) iMac gets 25-50fps. It has similar CPU power but I have a faster hard drive, 512 MB HD Radeon graphics and 24 GB RAM (8 is good, 12+ are better if you leave browser windows open). An even older Powerbook Pro (2006) is very slow for wow, likely the combination of slower (5400 rpm) disk and old Intel graphics card. That Powerbook also limps along with a Core 2 Duo CPU, now basically an antique.

It is cheaper to run WoW on a PC, but if you want to try sticking with Mac you could check the Refurbished (apple-certified) systems on the Apple store website. They're all like new and 100% functional, just not the latest/greatest Apple sells, and savings are nice. Their refurb laptops are typically around $1100, all Mac software included. Some are brand new, just restocks from dealers that didn't sell them, but no way to know that in advance of ordering.

Low-end PCs are cheaper, but when you compare similar hardware and add in the nicer Windows package and buy all the stuff you get free in MacOS... not a huge difference.

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