New to Battle.Net API would like a bit of guidance

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Hello! I was looking for a guide to get new developers started in using the APIs.

I would like to utilize the APIs for my C# Windows application but do not know where to start. I am currently coding C# using a SQL database. I have registered an account on Mashery and have been provided with a API key.

Is there any guides that give a small crash course as to how to use the APIs.

Any guidance with a simple C# example would be awesome.

Just learn how to call for json files and display them in your application really.. And if you need to manipulate the data then cache/save locally to either a database or a local json.

Honestly, you probably wont find much material on specifically the blizzard api, but you can really use any api available on the web to practice on. If you understand what an API is then you can use any. So find a more popular api and look for some youtube tutorials or just google around. Personally I started on the IMDB api pulling movie information. I was able to take that knowledge and dive directly into the wow API no problem.

I would 100% learn json and how it works/looks as that's primarily the only data you will be utilizing. It's a very strict language.. Not necessarily hard to utilize but just hard to get going as a beginner.

If you have any more questions i'd be happy to help, although i'm not a master at C# i know my way around. I code primarily in javascript. /jsmasterrace
That sounds good I will do that thanks for the tip!
There is a sticky post in this forum labeled "Community Created Libraries & Resources" which lists many resources, some of which you might find useful to get started.

For example, listed under "C#/ .Net" there are a half dozen libraries that you could either reuse, or simply look through as examples to help you get started.

Here's a link to the sticky:
I would recommend looking at the HttpClient class in to make asynchronous calls to the API. If you are using the data APIs you will also want to read up on Oauth token transactions.

As for parsing JSON, try out Newtonsoft.JSON package. This tool can be very timesaving for object creation:
Thanks guys for your help and guidance it's very appreciated!

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