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First off, I have would love to thank you for this amazing patch (1.27b), though it was not what everyone was hoping for, I personally think it was a great idea to fast track the map size increase change. Now map makers can create previously unfathomable things. The custom game scene has just gotten many times more interesting, 16x more interesting to be exact (128/8 = 16).

Though it seems that other plans were put on the backburner as a result of this, by this I mean the balance changes + Bnet map pool refresh. I and many others are excited by this prospect. Though I think the reason many people are disappointed is there was silence between patches 1.27a to 1.27b. I personally don't mind waiting for as long as it will take to bring any changes to WC3, but I would still like to know if the team does still plan to bring significant changes or remain with bug fixes and polish as their primary concern.

Thank you
I am hoping for polish first. Remappable item hotkeys, latency fix/delay, and useful commands for hosting a lobby.
128 mb im still drooling

thank you classic games team.
The WC3 classic game team looks to be following a PDF document Hive Workshop sent them earlier this year. You may have seen the The Future of Warcraft mini-article already, and the PDF document is attached at the bottom of the first post.
Jump to present and I think they did a nice job giving us this Christmas present: http://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/8mb-limit-removed-update-warcraft-3-patch-1-27b.290447/

Modding and custom game change proposals aren't the only thing on there. While we haven't specifically stressed map pool changes (we probably should have), there are still ladder / hacker / bot issues emphasized as top priorities.

Though, the last time they changed the map pool was months ago, and people weren't very happy, so the reverted back, hehe.
Still nobody gives a damn of the map limit except for the few RPG boys that left on BNET...
While 90% of players are login BNET for Ladder / LTD / Dota / HvA, and those maps don't require more than 8mb lol.
That is probably a gross exaggeration.... Check entgaming out.
China has over 20000 players playing maps over 30 mbs as well. They pay map content creators for having the most popular map sort of like youtube ad revenue.
Should we give a damn for Asia gateway as EU/US players ?
As i said, this patch is useless for our realms.
12/18/2016 05:00 PMPosted by Feely
Should we give a damn for Asia gateway as EU/US players ?
As i said, this patch is useless for our realms.

Yes completely useless patch even though maps like dota have been limited to below 8 mb for years. Literally a easy instant change from blizzards part. Thanks for the support.

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