After disconnect, bnet launcher won't reconnect without restarting PC

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So far this seems to only happen when I play WoW, so it's possible WoW may be the problem.

The situation: I am playing WoW and experience a disconnect. I've narrowed the issue down to my router (non-modem), which I think may be overheating, but maybe it is possible that it bugging due to the game? Regardless, when I restart the router, I am able to reconnect to the internet, but I cannot reconnect in-game (WoW specifically). When I type in my credentials I immediately get error BLZBNTBNA00000A8D, and it wont connect, despite having internet access.

So I close WoW, and see the launcher just displaying "connecting", and it doesn't cycle into that 'retry in 60 seconds' thing, just continuously "connecting".

If I open any game but WoW, I have to type in my credentials, but it will connect in game, but the launcher remains disconnected. If I launch WoW, I get the same thing before I closed it, no connecting.

I can relaunch the bnet launcher, close any processes related to bnet in windows (tho there could be something I missed in the list), but the launcher will not reconnect unless I restart my computer.

After a restart, everything works normally, until the next time I disconnect in this fashion. I get the same behavior every time.

I think for now I may try reinstalling WoW, I am also having a display issue where i have to play in windowed mode, hopefully this will address both problems, but we will see.
Same problem here, I just disable and enable my adapter in network and sharing center, just annoying tho, be great if anyone has a permanent fix.
I'm having this issue and have been having this issue for a long time. Any time there's a blip in my service, it pretty much means I cannot play WoW for the rest of the day even after my service returns. I've done all of the work arounds I've found online but nothing works, it won't cycle through and connect. Super frustrating, especially when I have to get into another app to let my guild members know that I can't come on for the rest of the night.
I have this same issue after my computer goes to suspend/hibernate, I have to close launcher using the system tray icon to exit completely. Otherwise, it will just stay there 'connecting' and will never actually connect. After re-opening the launcher, it works normally again.
I have this issue when I try to open Overwatch. Restarting my pc fixes the issue, but it's irritating to have to do that every time I wanna play. This issue really needs to be solved because this didn't start happening until I updated bnet a few days ago

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