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I'm a member of OW community with 100+ members which organizes couple events per week and we'd love to build ourselves a tool that would help split players in groups and put them into custom games. Unfortunately Overwatch does not currently have any API for this. But I believe this would be very helpful for organizers of all sorts of events and tournaments.

It's hard to keep track of all the people in game and one can't even have all those community members in friendlist. After we set up our teams on web or teamspeak we spend some time exchanging battletags, adding each other and inviting to the game group.
Also our events aren't always 6v6. For example few days ago there was "whack a monkey" where group of 4 people played 3xTracer against Winston with modified health and damage settings. Coordinating that many groups and ensuring they are all using the same event settings/rules is difficult. Having API for creating custom games (and inviting groups to it) programatically would be great for this.

The API we're dreaming of:
  • Group
    • Forming a group
    • inviting players into it based on battletag. Players which might not even know each other (and have them in friendlist)...
    • ... and possibly without the "player X has requested to join your group"
    • assigning group leader
    • disbanding the group (to create another one)

  • Custom games
    • Creating custom game
    • Modifying game settings (maps, damage, helath, etc...)
    • Adding group(s) of players

  • Events when change occurs (player left group, group started a match, etc...) and/or API for manually fetching or polling current group/match status

Thank you
This sounds like a cracking idea :)
A duplicate of the SC2 profile & ladder GET's to Overwatch would be awesome as well.
nice man. i like it <3
Blizz pls, we need this ^o^
What you're suggesting is very similar to Riot's League of Legends tournament API. Essentially you can generate unique identifiers that you give to only people you want in the game. Basically in two clicks they're inside a custom game, it's a great feature that promotes huge eSports and community growth. The api also returns match results to a callback url after it's done.

Please see: https://developer.riotgames.com/tournament-api.html
A clan system in game like SC2 will be perfect and an API, for hearthstone and heroes of the storm too :)

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