EU Connected Realms and AH API issue

API Bug Report
Isn't it sad the sites like wowprogress can find & see a characters gear and such while Blizzards own Arsenal isn't able to do so?

Edit: Arsenal now working again (finally) just the mobile srsenal app still doesnt display my characters.
Posting on the forum or accessing characters from EU-Gul'Dan on the arsenal app still not possible.

Its taking you guys quite some time there.

further info:
  • compaion app working fine with EU Gul'Dan Charaters
  • Mobile Arsenal working fine with chars on other realm other those on the EU Anetheron/Gul'Dan Realm
@Alkahna, it sounds like you're having issues with Blizzard's mobile armory app? This forum is for the Blizzard API which is exposed to third-party developers. If you're having an issue with one of the APIs, I'd suggest creating a new thread which details which API endpoint you're having an issue with and includes some examples demonstrating the issue. Otherwise, I'm not sure where the best place to report your issue might be, but I don't think your issue is relevant to the original issue in this thread as that has since been fixed.

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