D2 problem with cd registered copy!!!

Some years ago I bought Battlechest and registered my copies so I could have them digital. It's been a while since I played and my cd won't work, so I downloaded Installer... here's the problem: I open the installer and I already get the "Play Diablo 2" instead of the "Install Diablo 2" option. I press the button but it does nothing at all. I tried the unistall button and the same happens. I don't know if this is beacuse many time has passed since I registered and my copies are useless by now.

It's saying Play instead of Install because the game has been installed on the PC you're using before and created a registry entry with the game's location at that time. This fools the installer into thinking the game's ready to go so it prompts you with Play.

If you know the old game has been deleted, you can also delete the registry key so the installer will work.

Use the Windows "Regedit" utility to locate and delete the following key:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Blizzard Entertainment\Diablo II

Then try the digital installers again.
Thanks, this helped a lot!

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