API: Realmname ignored?

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From your API Docs:
realm: The character's realm. Can be provided as the proper realm name or the normalized realm name.

When I call: https://eu.api.battle.net/wow/character/Die%20Nachtwache/Sary?locale=de_DE&fields=guild,items,feed,&apikey=xxx

I got the correct result.

But with: https://eu.api.battle.net/wow/character/Die%20Nachtwache/Gomme?locale=de_DE&fields=guild,items,feed,&apikey=xxx

The wrong Realm is used. Even using a "-" instead of the %20 returns the wrong char/ realm.

Using the "slug" retruns the correct char: https://eu.api.battle.net/wow/character/die-nachtwache/Gomme?locale=de_DE&fields=guild,items,feed,&apikey=xxx

According to your documentation both should work. And it is working, but not always. Yeah I know, using normalized reaalm names is recommend (and I have to rewrite my app) But I simply not understand what's the problem here.

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