Patch 1.28 fails to update repeatedly

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I press to connect to as normal, it shows me a download bar, you press restart, then a small window comes up showing "Starting Warcraft III...", then a bigger window opens up saying "Something went wrong while downloading a required update. Please check your internet connection and try again".

My internet is fine. I've tried running as administrator, no change.
Lol I've just made a Post too, same for mee did the same, maybe its the replay kit ? Do you have replay Kit installed ?
Doesent seem to be replay kit, no reaction here ? NOICE....
I have the same issue and I'm pretty damn sure everyone does.
run as admin
LiquidWater -
Does not work running it as admin, as you can see we tried that.
Here, same problem. Don't have replay kit.
Same issue here as well.
I have run BNUpdate.exe utility, and it showed me an error that a file "Patch.lst" is absent in the downloaded .mpq archive.
Looks like we should wait for a new version of 1.28 to download.
looks like the bnet launcher/app hasnt had the backend updated to deliver war3 1.28. i guess we'll have to be patient.
Same problem here. Games are currently being played on, so I don't think this is affecting everyone. Would be nice if we could get a response from Blizzard though to confirm.
same here. do they even test these things before releasing the patch?

this is the error everyone is getting i assume
I ran as administrator and got the same thing. I clicked the link for the error but it took me to the support page for the modern games.

I tried downloading the patch from the support site and also the full game client but both of those are still the 1.27b versions. So updating manually won't help and neither will a new installation.
04/04/2017 07:37 PMPosted by LiquidWater

this is the error everyone is getting i assume

Yep, that is the error
I think we should all just wait. The maintenance is said to take 2 hours. It's normal things aren't up yet.
and why saying battle net warcraft 3? are they adding to battle net now?
Also why needs be admin?

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