Patch 1.28 fails to update repeatedly

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Blizzard BNUpdate v2.136 compiled on Jul 27 2016
Log created at 7:42 pm on 04/04/2017

ERROR: patch archive 'W3XP_IX86_1.28.0.7205.mpq' missing file 'patch.lst'
The system cannot find the file specified.

RESULT: Patch failed

This is the root of the problem.
BNUpdate.exe is the old updater. BlizzardPrepatch.exe must be run first.
I understand. I ran pre-patch.exe, and that's what you all get, that screenshot on imgur of connection issues.. If this error doesn't help becuz update is that old, the sorry.
Then we just wait ?
Meanwhile here's some sick baller !@#$ :
Not Happy

We haven't given the all clear. Please wait for us to say the maintenance is complete.


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