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The EU Auction House data is updated three to six times more often than the NA realms. Why does this disparity exist? Will the NA realms ever be updated as quickly as the EU realms?
The answer we once got from a blue was it's "working as intended" and "can't discuss it anymore".
@erorus, I understand there has been a difference in time, but I believe we were averaging an update every hour for US realms like two weeks ago. And that was stable for quite some time.

It seems in the last couple weeks or so it went from every hour to every two hours. Does anyone have a clue on why there was such a drastic jump like that?
That happens a lot. I've learned to stop asking about it.

edit holy crap I've been doing this for too long..
Appreciate the response, Erorus.

I just wish they could make the times stable at an hour. I don't think that's too much to ask for given the EU and US update gap already. But, perhaps that's my limited knowledge of programming, etc. that makes me ignorant.

Nevertheless, thanks again for the reply and the continued best AH website out there.

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