REGRESSION: WoW OAuth Profile API Broken

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Warcraft Logs is now broken and cannot import characters.

I'm referring to this API:

Most of my characters are missing from the returned result set, including all but one of my level 100+ characters.

This is a major regression that prevents people from getting into their guilds or getting their characters imported, so any help would be appreciated.
Not sure if it is relevant but I see a bunch of "empty" results... possible these are supposed to be my level 100+ characters but are malfunctioning for some reason?

"name": "",
"class": 0,
"race": 0,
"gender": -1,
"level": 0,
"achievementPoints": 1,
"thumbnail": "unknown/unknown-avatar.jpg",
"lastModified": 1416356380000
Kihra you're lucky, i'm getting error 500 requesting the same thing
Thanks for the report. I'm reaching out to the WoW API folks now.

Update: the team is aware of the issue and prioritizing it with other patch related issues.
We got a response on the Unofficial Community Discord. I believe this issue was resolved, or at least a subset of the problem. Can anyone confirm it is still an issue.

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